When the hoof hurts

Hoof pain is often the expression of overload and increasing damage to the joint. The causes are mostly congenital or also acquired small changes of the joint, which lead in the long run to a wear, a so-called arthrosis. With the most modern surgical methods, these changes can be eliminated, sometimes even using minimally invasive keyhole techniques: realignment operations can eliminate malpositions, cartilage transplants replace damaged cartilage. In this way, one's own joint can often be preserved and an artificial joint avoided.

Tomorrow, thursday, at 6 p.M., the regiomed clinic in lichtenfels invites patients to an information evening on the subject of hoof pain. Maximilian schenke, senior physician in the department of orthopedics and trauma surgery at the lichtenfels clinical center, will present various surgical options ranging from joint preservation to artificial joints in his lecture.

Afterwards, interested parties will have the opportunity to ask questions. The venue is meeting room 1 and 2 on the first floor of the hospital. Participation in the event is free of charge.


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