Verdi:many employees suffer from digitalization

According to the "innovation barometer 2019", employees often suffer from a higher work intensity and less room for maneuver ? Artificial intelligence" of the union shows, which is available to the german press agency in berlin.

Two out of three respondents in affected companies fear that the number of jobs will decline as a result of AI use. In addition, 52 percent of the respondents report an increase in work intensity. 42 percent of respondents see more frequent disruptions to work processes.

One in two recognizes an increase in the transparency of employees’ work and performance behavior. 60 percent report a reduction in the scope for action and decision-making as a result of artificial intelligence.

Verdi board member christoph schmitz demanded: "digitalization and artificial intelligence must be designed in such a way that they serve employees and the protection and expansion of employee rights." company co-determination bodies had to be more strongly involved at an early stage in the introduction of AI projects.

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