Unusual constellations at the funfair in oberbach

There was an unusual constellation at the oberbach fair this year. In addition to the nine "normal funfair couples three pure madels-pairings from spab an der freude had also found together.

Already in october the "weiwer-striech" had in order to have enough time for the preparations. On the friday before the church consecration dance, fir fronds were fetched and the wreaths for the tree, which was erected on saturday morning, were tied.

After the church service, there was already a big party on saturday evening. It is obligatory to invite the respective fairground boy to lunch at his fairground wife’s on the following sunday.

Well fortified, things got underway at the funfair queen. This year it was sophia trump who was born from marcel bachmann. With brass music the whole fair society moved finally to the dance around the plobaum by oberbach.

Of course, the fair’s motto was eagerly awaited. Andreas fub is no longer actively involved in the funfair, but he had written the slogan and recited it. There the local events were thematized. With dismay the manner had to determine for example that they with the bet drinking at the "booze machine" lost to the women. A bridegroom who didn’t want to play fubball anymore because of his upcoming wedding was also unlucky. Unfortunately, he was persuaded and promptly suffered a nasty injury that prevented him from attending his own bachelor party. And two people from oberbach took a long detour: after visiting the forestry days in riedenberg, they wanted to walk home to fub. However, no one can understand how they were then able to come out at the berghaus. Thanks to a forester who picked them up, they finally found their way to oberbach.

Also the not finished cycle track was topic with the fair speech. Security is written and demanded in broad terms everywhere, but in bad bruckenau other laws seem to apply, according to andreas fub. There one exposed the cyclists probably completely consciously driven, meant it with a wink.

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