Topping-out ceremony at the new village community center langenleiten

"With grace and permission", this is how the traditional topping-out ceremony for a new building begins. This old tradition was not neglected in langenleiten when the new village community center was built. On the contrary, the village community came together to celebrate this interim stage in style.

The people of langenleiten certainly had reason to celebrate. "It is simply unbelievable, what the village puts on the legs", brigitte schmitt, who is a member of the foundation’s board of directors, was delighted. On the day before the topping out ceremony, the weather in langenleiten was unbearably bad, with constant rain and storms, and yet 33 volunteers stood on the roof and finished it off. "I had never thought that. A super action of the whole village", so schmitt. "Some have gone home in between, changed their completely soaked clothes and immediately returned to the construction. With heiber soup we have tasted the manner."

And it was not only on the day before the topping-out ceremony that the people were on their feet, but in the past weeks they worked on the building in every spare minute. Gunter schmitt, who is in charge of coordinating the construction work, also spoke of an indescribable atmosphere on the construction site. "What is happening here on the construction site is incomparable. Here, people get involved, no one is too shy to do something, everyone helps everyone, that’s amazing, that’s unique." these together have made the village community move closer together. "The community in the village has definitely changed in a positive way", so schmitt.

Record building

The building was erected in record time. Construction could not start until october, with a delay of about six weeks. After only about nine weeks, the topping-out ceremony could be celebrated thanks to perseverance, reliability and willingness to cooperate. Thanks went to carpenter thomas muller (gefall), who made it possible that all necessary work was timed so that the time window could be used optimally. Muller was also responsible for the topping-out ceremony. Because of the weather, the topping-out ceremony was not held outdoors, so there was a room inside for the traditional ceremony. "The spirit of community should blossom here, the citizen should experience recreation, diversion and joy here after the daily grind", muller spoke an own motto written on the langenleiten building.

Roughly drawn donor couple

All this is thanks to leonie and helmut schmitt, who made the construction possible thanks to their generous donation. The founding couple had also come to langenleiten for the topping-out ceremony. "When I arrived, I saw the men handing each other the bricks in the storm and rain. I see what has been created here and I can only say that the seeds that have been distributed in the village have all completely blossomed", helmut schmitt thanked the villagers for their community spirit and commitment. This building may continue to bring the generations together, he wished.

Gunter schmitt also thanked mayor sonja reubelt, who supported the project from day one and used her private and professional resources for the cause.

Schmitt expressed special thanks to the women who not only support the project with patience and understanding, but are also very actively involved and taste the manner on the construction site. For the topping-out ceremony, a thoroughly successful ambience was created on the construction site, making it a good place to celebrate. The musical part was taken over by the fire mountain musicians under the direction of edwin schafer as well as the young musicians. Mayor reubelt lieb took the opportunity to honor the commitment of gunter schmitt and the foundation’s board of directors.

Proposed names

The topping-out ceremony was now an important milestone. The next major event will be the inauguration in summer 2019. Until then it will be clear what name the building will bear in the future. The people are called upon to make suggestions, some of which have already been submitted and are still to be voted on: blickwinkel, haus fur alle, lapanorama, haus der perspektive or guggema.

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