This is how the comeback of nordsee in coburg worked out

In the so-called "social media it is sometimes very rough. Last year, for example, when the nordsee restaurant chain, which specializes in fish, announced the closure of its branch at spitalgasse 9, various facebook pages were heavily lambasted: for the umpteenth time, a song of doom was sung for the city center of coburg. Many people overlooked the fact that the nordsee store was not closed because of bad business, but because of disagreements with the landlord. The announcement that the north sea is looking for a new location in the vest city was either completely overlooked or not believed.

"I was annoyed by these comments", remembers rolf krebs, who is responsible for settlement management at the city's economic development agency (wifog). "But we didn't let that discourage us and stayed on the ball." in concrete terms: they were in constant contact with the north sea headquarters in bremerhaven and helped as much as possible in the search for a new location. A little less than a year later, the reward for this perseverance came: on monday of this week, in response to an inquiry from the tageblatt, nordsee confirmed that it will probably open a new branch at spitalgasse 24 (schnapp butcher's store, formerly spielmann) as early as august.

North sea thanks the city

The joy of rolf krebs is coarse. "This is another good sign for the retail location coburg", he says, and then almost goes to black: "depot, nanu-nana, schuh knopf (formerly putschky; anm. D. Red.), hunkemoller, rituals, engbers, now nordsee and soon the expansion of H&M to a full-line store – so many great additions in a short time otherwise only grobstadte record!" coburg, however, is a city with a population of just 41,000 – and this must be borne in mind time and again.

The fact that norbert tessmer (SPD), the mayor of coburg, has also become involved in the search for a new location was, by the way, very well received at the north sea headquarters. There is a letter from nordsee-geschaftsfuhrer robert jung, in which he expresses his support for the "support and active approach" thanks to the city council and wifog. Norbert tessmer, who was pleased to hear this, liked to be quoted as follows in a press release from the city on tuesday: "i am pleased that a new location has been found with the support of our economic development agency!"

But once again to the "social media": what were the reactions to the comeback of the north sea?? First of all, it should be noted that the news on tuesday was the news of the day.

On the facebook page of the tageblatt the contribution was already clicked on more than 10,000 times by the noon hour. Also in the facebook group "coburger stadtgesprache" the tageblatt article was a rough topic. The comments were positive across the board. "Very good", one reader wrote, for example, "it's nice to see a company like this committing itself to the coburg site."

And what about the baltic sea?!

The fact that no one seemed to have anything to complain about this time seemed strange to some people. "Why no one is complaining this time?", one promptly asked, whereupon another winked and said he was ready to start: "i liked the baltic sea better!"


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