The way to school should be safe




With the financial support of the honorary citizen of kulmbach, hans-albert ruckdeschel, and his wife margit, the kulmbach district traffic watch once again showed itself to be generous when the 500 or so first-class drivers in the entire district of kulmbach were equipped with warning discs in time for the start of school. The handover took place at ziegelhutten elementary school as an example.


The representatives of the kreisverkehrswacht, peter schutz and sandra hempfling, the two traffic educators cathrin hansel and ralf maisel as well as school councilor kerstin zapf and margit ruckdeschel were buried by principal sabine morlein and by the second class, which performed a song.

Deputy district chairman peter schutz described the start of school for the first-graders as a very exciting time:

"Everything is new and you want to learn a lot, but you also have to make sure that you get to school safely. And also there you must learn and train a lot. Your second graders, they already know how to do it."

Peter schutz pointed out that there are different ways to go to school, but all of them have to be well behaved and what is very important: "you have to manage on your own now to get to school at some point and not with the parental taxi anymore. You have to train yourselves to go and fetch bread or go to the butcher once in a while. You have to learn to move in traffic, just as you have to learn numbers and letters."

To help children be seen better in traffic, there are the warning litter signs. Peter schutz expressed his special thanks to margit ruckdeschel, who provided the funding for the warning signs. 

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