Superfast to every home

"We are participating in the fiber optic master plan" informed mayor bernd hofer (CSU/LV) in the youngest meeting of the town council. Prior to this, enrico meierhof of the reuther planning office had presented the structural plan for the construction of a high-speed broadband network. The plan, which has a 100 percent federal requirement, aims to bring fiber optic cable to every home (fiber-to-the-building – FTTB). A speed of 1000 mbit/s is planned by the year 2025.

The master plan showed which material had to be laid where so that a structured, flat-covering and economically optimized fiber-optic network could gradually reach every house. In the municipal area, there are still 1300 buildings to be connected with FTTB. The costs were estimated at 5000 to 6000 euro per connection, the civil engineering costs at a maximum of 7.8 million euro. Meierhof lieb knows that all buildings in the municipal area are already taken into account in the planning, as are possible expansion areas. With the master plan, the community has a structured network and the providers have a planning basis.

Debt decreases

The mayor also announced that the 2018 budget has been approved by the district administration. There were no objections, and the fact that the debt has been reduced by 270000 euros and that no new borrowing is planned until 2021 was seen as positive. However, it was pointed out that under-recoveries of fees (water, sewage) had to be taken into account in the new calculation period starting in 2020. "We have drawn up a solid financial plan that will ensure that we can fulfill our tasks until 2021, hofer stated.

Another piece of good news came from the ministry of education: in order to secure the school lessons, a teacher will again be released for religious education, said hofer. Furthermore, the so-called mobile teaching staff reserve is to be increased in order to be able to react better to critical situations. The most important statement, however, was that no change in the school structure in meeder is being considered – and that the existence of the meeder school is thus guaranteed.

Plans cause displeasure

The mayor expressed his surprise at the initiative of the district office and the town to consider a regional planning procedure for the thuringia-coburg rail link. "Here again a drastic procedure is to be opened over the municipality of meeder, without us being consolidated in advance", wettere hofer.

The building area in grobwalbur will be "verlangerung schierleinsgasse" in the near future not developed, as out of eight companies asked to submit estimates, only two responded – with costs increased by more than 30 and 45 percent, respectively. It was decided that a new tender with additional construction companies should take place.

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