Storage for one’s own electricity is already worthwhile today

The interest was enormous: more than 130 participants registered for the 21. Kulmbacher energiegesprachen informed about photovoltaics, electricity storage and off-grid systems. The hall in the brewery museum was filled to capacity.
Self-consumption of self-generated electricity is absolutely trendy. Even today, the majority of new photovoltaic systems are installed with electricity storage systems. But even for long-time owners, a crucial question soon arises: where to put my self-generated electricity??
After 20 years of feed-in tariffs, the first plants will soon be dropped from the EEG. Instead of 50, 40 or 30 cents per kilowatt hour, which – depending on the year of commissioning – were guaranteed by law as compensation, the grid operator might then only pay the market price of currently just two to three cents. So why not use the electricity you generate yourself and reduce your electricity bill??

Prices in free fall

At the beginning of the event, detlef weibmann, head of the guild for electrical engineering and information technology, thomas balzar from bayernwerk-network center kulmbach and kulmbach photovoltaic tuftler stefan buchholtz explained the opportunities and possibilities of PV self-use. By the installation of an accumulator the dependence on the net is reduced, he said.
Depending on the installation, an emergency power supply is also possible in the event of a power failure.

The prices of lithium-ion batteries, which are still quite high, have also been in free fall for years. Even today, the purchase of an electricity storage unit is no longer only interesting for energy transition-generated, but also economically worthwhile.
Afterwards, under the moderation of markus ruckdeschel from the energy agency of upper franconia, there was a small discussion round with the inclusion of audience questions. Due to the complex legal situation in germany – the german renewable energy act (EEG) handles the self-consumption of self-generated electricity very restrictively – not all legal questions could be clarified. But all participants agreed on one thing: it makes sense to use the electricity generated as much as possible for oneself.

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