Stiftung warentest: even cheap butter is good


Without it a bread or croissant is only half as good: butter. Consumers can't go far wrong with their purchases, many products are tasty and hygienic – but there are also some bad ones.

Good butter doesn't have to cost a lot. That is the result of an investigation by stiftung warentest. Every second of the 30 tested was rated "good found, it says in the magazine "test" (issue 04/2018). With mild soured butter edeka lie well& gunstig (1.29 euros) and sachsenmilch (2.39 euros) in front, followed by aldi sud milfina (1.29 euros) and frau antje (2.69 euros). Nine times the grade was "satisfactory awarded.

Hygiene deficiency: one butter failed the test

In addition to mild soured butter, sub- and sour cream butter were also tasted. The best sub-cream butter comes from rewe bio (2.15 euros). One, however, did not pass the test and received only a "poor". In the laboratory, a high number of germs was found here, which suggests a lack of hygiene during production. All in all, subrahmbutter was awarded the grade "good" five times, six times the grade "satisfactory", once a "sufficient and one "poor awarded. In the case of sour cream butter, only two products were tested: one was rated "good off, the other "sufficiently.

The price of butter fluctuates greatly

The price of butter sometimes fluctuates relatively strongly – for consumers it can therefore be worthwhile to freeze butter. However, this makes it somewhat tasteless. Freezer burn can be avoided by freezing the butter in its original packaging in a can or freezer bag. In the refrigerator, butter thaws in two to three hours; at room temperature, it thaws faster.


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