Stevie wonder: move your fube to the polling places

Soul and R&B legend stevie wonder has called on his fans in the U.S. To vote this november. "Systemic racism can end. Police brutality can come to an end. The economic oppression of black and brown people can come to an end," the 70-year-old musician said in a video on twitter.

A movement that does not act is a movement that stands still. "To all those who say they care – move more than just your mouths. Move your fube to the polling stations and use your hand to vote."Wonder was alluding to the fact that african american citizens in particular often voluntarily give up their right to vote. Wonder, a multiple grammy award winner, has long been politically active, fighting against racism and for equal opportunities for people of all colors.

In the USA, a new president will be elected in november. Challenger to incumbent president donald trump is former vice president joe biden. The violent death of black u.S. Citizen george floyd during a police operation at the end of may caused horror worldwide. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting against racism under the slogan "black lives matter" (black lives pay).

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