State medal for coburg’s ihk president


This is the highest award for business people in the free state of germany. Bavaria's economics minister martin zeil (FDP) presented a total of twelve of these medals at a ceremony in munich. "The state medal is not something you just buy as you go by", zeil emphasized and described the honorees as "makers of progress".
In his laudatory speech, the economics minister praised herdan's entrepreneurial commitment at lasco and his voluntary work at the coburg chamber of commerce and industry. Zeil emphasized herdan's far-sightedness, with which he had developed the family business into a global player for machine tools and production systems for metal forming and building materials production. "In the more than 30 years of herdan's management activities, lasco has invested more than 40 million euros in coburg", said zeil. The state minister also referred to the coburg-based company's social commitment: "your most important goal is to provide secure jobs." the consistently high training rate of around 15 percent at lasco is proof of the importance that herdan attaches to the demand for young talent. "They consider the demand for older employees to be just as important." almost one-third of the 400 employees are 50 years old or older.
Martin zeil also referred to herdan's social commitment: he has been active in various professional committees and associations for his industry, and has supported the work of the coburg chamber of commerce and industry for almost 20 years. In addition, the development of the city of coburg is close to his heart, for which he "speaks with a big voice" his commitment to the city council. Herdan is a member of the CSU parliamentary group.
Siegmar schnabel, chief executive officer of the coburg chamber of commerce and industry, explained that the state medal honors friedrich herdan's entrepreneurial and voluntary work. Schnabel referred in particular to herdan's commitment to improving economic conditions in the region. 



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