Sports home on its way

sports home on its way

TSV abtswind is one step further with its construction projects. Firstly, at its meeting, the council approved the financial plan for the 2018 investments, which also includes the 400,000 euro grant for the club.

On the other hand, the plan for the "functional sports building", a kind of sports home, was approved by the committee. This is to be built next to the artificial turf field that the club wants to build on its current grass training field next to the highway.

In the council meeting, planner holger scheidig presented the planning in detail. The building will be erected roughly on the site of the current changing room wing to the north of the swimming pool guesthouse. It is square with 12.45 meters by 12.45 meters and has an upper floor, unlike the previous one, which will be completely demolished. The upper floor can also be used separately for athletes via a staircase. The solar system on the roof will first be dismantled and later re-installed on the equally flat roof of the new building.

In the building are mainly coarser and additional dressing rooms for the sports operation. In addition to showers and toilets, there are also functional rooms for storing various things. The adjacent swimming pool guesthouse, which also serves as the clubhouse, was integrated into the spatial concept with regard to storage and cooling facilities. The plans now go to the district office.

Abtswind invests a total of around 900,000 euros in the artificial turf, plus the building. In addition to the municipality, a local company shares the financial burden, and grants from the bavarian sports association are also planned. TSV abtswind, whose soccer team is on the verge of promotion to the bavarian league, would like to use the project to improve its training facilities.

The community had asked for the opinion of its citizens as to whether they should get involved in the construction project. After the abtswinners gave their approval, the project has now been started.

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