Smart home: heating listens to the word

For forgetful people, a smart home, an intelligently networked home, can be a rough help. Where the appropriate technology is installed, the stove, for example, switches itself off automatically if the motion detector has not detected a potential cook for quite a while. Or the measured CO2 content provides the recommendation to urgently open a window. But smart technology can also ensure that the heating in a bamberg student dormitory always goes out when the window is open.
"We are building such window contacts in 56 residential units of the st.-anno residential home", says gerhard nunner, head of the smart home department at fidentia, a subsidiary of the bamberger joseph foundation. His company works with the housing industry and installs technology in larger residential units, especially in the areas of heating, comfort and security. Alexa, the voice-controlled service computer from amazon, is a must. "Computer, heating at 17 degrees", nunner demands and immediately gets the confirmation by the female computer voice. "This also means that the thermostats are set accordingly", says the 53-year-old.
But he is a bit critical of alexa, because it collects data. Security is an important aspect, not only when someone controls their door opener or alarm system remotely. "We’ve had our web application checked by data protection engineers, it’s encrypted via a VPN connection and absolutely secure", says nunner. But safety also plays a major role when it comes to customer wishes. "For example, there are also sensors that trigger a dog bark or a siren when a window opens."
Nunner also points to the "smarthome franken" association (smart-home-franconia.Org), which is primarily there for end customers and their advice in the area of intelligent living. Every year the association organizes a trade fair with an exhibition and expert lectures (free admission).

In addition, there are contact persons for citizens and regular meetings where people can talk to volunteer smart home professionals to find a good solution for themselves and their property. Smart-home applications are to make life a little easier in many areas. A customer who is in a wheelchair can open hard-to-reach windows with his voice. Nunner also knows a bamberger who opened the door for an installer from his vacation in lanzarote. "Many things are possible, but the whole package is seldom called for", says the head of department.
The project in the st.-anno student housing is also an interesting comparative study for him. "In one tower of the dormitory we install the sensors, in the other not. And after a year we compare the consumption values." of course, the students will then also have to be asked whether the temperatures were still as they had wanted them to be by alexa.

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