Singing in the pub

The singing club rothenkirchen organizes on friday, 8. November, from 19 o’clock in the inn "hauckensepper" in rothenkirchen for the first time a wirtshaussingen. Chairman stefan reuther and second chairwoman gabriele walther say about their intention for this: "wirtshaussingen is experiencing a real boom at the moment."

In franconia, the "open singers" are delighted for years of growing popularity. The today’s wirtshaussingen is not comparable with the fruherer times. At that time, the singing in the pub began spontaneously, usually at an early hour, when the mood and the alcohol level were at the right point and the singers were together. The singers were almost exclusively manner. What was sung one after the other emerged abruptly – from the serious or sad theme to the funny one. The singing served to increase the social get-together.

Welcome to the singing

This is still decisive today, where such singen take place. The most important thing is the setting: the tavern, which stands for closeness and community. Whether as a sing-along or simply as a listener, everyone is invited.

In the foreground are the joy and the fun of music and singing in a convivial atmosphere. The singing club has compiled a song folder especially for the pub singings. Alfons fehn will accompany the songs with his accordion. Anyone who would like to contribute to the success of the evening with a story, a joke or a poem is also invited to do so. Invitation goes out to the entire population.

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