Samsung shows new smartwatch models at ifa

Samsung plans to compete in the wearables and computer watch market with two new smartwatch models. At the start of the IFA in berlin, the group presented the gear S3 frontier and the gear S3 classic.

"With last year’s launch of the gear S2 and its personalizable dial and rotating lunette, the entire smartwatch product category has taken a leap forward," said samsung manager younghee lee. With the gear S3, samsung now wants to expand and perfect its gear family.

The computer watch market is still relatively young and was most recently fueled by the apple watch. Industry association bitkom expects strong growth in germany in the current year. Around 1.6 million devices are expected to have been sold – an increase of 147 percent. Bitkom expects sales of 297 million euros for all providers, 76 percent more than in the previous year.

The new gear S3 models are designed to appeal to different user groups. While the frontier is intended as a powerful and robust companion for adventurers and explorers, samsung is focusing on elegance and a classic watch look with the somewhat smaller classic. In general, samsung has emphasized that the gear S3 is first and foremost a watch. "From a distance, you can’t tell the difference," said younghee lee.

Both devices can be customized to suit individual tastes. Samsung offers wristbands in three variants, and the watch can also be used with all conventional 22-millimeter wristbands. A total of 18 surface designs are available for selection. Users can navigate through the menus as usual using the touch display and the rotating bezel on the edge of the watch.

Samsung’s own development tizen serves as the operating system. Uber samsung pay can also be used for mobile payments with the help of the NFC radio standard.

The watches can access 10,000 apps via the ecosystem. As an example, samsung pointed to the integrated BMW connected app, which notifies users when they should leave for an appointment. The app also shows the full level of the tank. The user can also lock the car via the display.

The new models connect with samsung’s current smartphone models. A compatibility with apple’s iphones has not yet been decided, it said.

At the start of the IFA in berlin, samsung presented the new devices in a pompous show in the tempodrom. At the trade show, the company will showcase devices such as the smartwatch and the gear VR glasses as additional building blocks in the mobile smartphone ecosystem.

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