“Raspelbuben” and “ratschenkids”: children replace the church bells on kartagen

This year again, children paraded through the villages and replaced the silent bells with their rattles and songs on easter days. They also collected donations. The residents thanked with subigkeiten. In meadows this use is cultivated. The members of the fruit and horticultural association had previously prepared the village for spring. They cleared the public areas from branches and debris, swept the areas and cleaned the planted beds. Uneven areas in the village square were filled with soil and turf was planted. Children decorated the shrubs at the village square and the church with self-painted easter eggs.

Spring cleaning done beforehand

Engelbert lieb, the chairman of the club, was pleased with his veteran helpers and invited them to the youth center for a snack, coffee and cake after the work was done. "We call the "engelsgrub, it resounded on grundonnerstag punctually at 18 o’clock through the streets and alleys of oberleiterbach. Around a dozen children and young people paraded through the village with loud rattling noises. On good friday and saturday the first round of the "ratschenkids" began, on the "silent days replace the church bells, already at 6 o’clock in the morning. All in all, they set off a dozen times. They collect their wages on saturday afternoons when they go from house to house and receive sweets and other gifts. In wolfsdorf, too, the need is cultivated and there is a need for the "raspelbuben" up early. From the first thursday to saturday evening they walk all the streets three times a day. Between their rasping interludes they shout "ave maria gratia plena", which is translated from latin "blessed art thou" means. Some ratchets have been around for years and are handed down from generation to generation. Mel/eli/thu

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