Petanque keeps you fit

The boules players of the former soldiers of the armed forces association end the playing season 2019. Once again the iron balls were unpacked for the final competition.

From march to october, players met twice a month in the boule arena at the musicians’ home. The best players of the year were honored during a social evening at the delphi and awarded by the team leader of the boules players, peter hrach. The l. Otmar zimmer took first place in the team game and won the challenge cup. The second place went to peter hrach. In the women’s team match the first place went to peter hrach. Place to ursula dogner. The 2. Teresia zimmer took first place. In the long throw, the 1. Place to peter hrach, the 2. Hermann lell takes first place.

During the break in the game, a french snack was naturally taken, which ursula dogner and peter hrach had prepared. This endurance sport can be practiced up to a ripe old age. He keeps the boulers fit and young.

Lm march 2020 the solid tribe will meet regularly in the boule arena in old freshness. Anyone who wants to play is welcome to join the bouldering team.

In this game everyone plays against everyone. The goal of each boules player is to score 13 points in a round of play to win the game. It takes a bit of skill to launch the iron sphere from a distance of around. 10 to 15 meters to the target ball, which is mostly made of wood and small (the piggy) to lay by throwing or rolling. Nevertheless, it is not only the sporting competition that plays a role here, but also the entertainment in the community

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