Parliament for young people

The young union is making a second attempt to create a youth parliament. The administration should draw up bylaws for a youth parliament, according to a motion submitted to the city council.

This should pave the way for the young people of herzogenaurach to elect their own parliament. This could be called youth advisory board, youth council or youth parliament.


As early as 2010, the young union of herzogenaurach had called for democratic participation by young herzogenaurach residents, according to the motion’s explanatory statement. At that time, a non-partisan alliance of young union, green youth and young liberals had worked out a draft for a youth council. But this request has not been met.

Burger participation

In the explanatory memorandum, it is stated that in addition to the city council and its committees, there are already several forms of citizen participation in herzogenaurach. City council members konrad korner and katharina zollhofer cite the seniors’ advisory council and agenda 21 as examples of his work. The two young councilors are also concerned to "demand democratic will formation among young people and thus not only to let them have a say in the design of our city, but also to make democratic procedures and voting processes tangible." the best way to do this is to elect young people directly.

Four principles

The applicants put forward four principles. The youth parliament is to be elected by the young burghers of herzogenaurach between the ages of twelve and twenty-one around the time of their mid-term report cards.

The passive right to vote should be equated with the active right to vote. Polling stations are to be set up at all schools in herzogenaurach and in the town hall in consultation with the school administrators.

The youth parliament should have the right to speak and submit motions to the city council and its committees, it is further proposed. This is necessary for the articulation of the interests of the youth. In contrast to other age groups, young people up to 18 years of age are not yet involved in the election of the herzogenaurach city council, but have already been able to familiarize themselves with the election process.

Own budget

And finally, the youth parliament should be allocated its own budget for events and initiatives, the motion of the young union continues.

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