"We are participating in the fiber optic master plan" informed mayor bernd hofer (CSU/LV) in the youngest meeting of the town council. Prior to this, enrico meierhof of the reuther planning office had presented the structural plan for the construction of a high-speed broadband network. The plan, which has a 100 percent federal requirement, aims to bring fiber optic cable to every home (fiber-to-the-building – FTTB). A speed of 1000 mbit/s is planned by the year 2025.

Rough cinema at home

Almost every film fan dreams of his own cinema: with comfortable seats and with a self-determined film program. What used to be a dream in the days of analog projectors is now quite feasible since the digitalization of the film world. Where you place your home theater is less a question of the size of the room than of how well the components fit together: "the distance to the picture should be at least two to two and a half times the width of the screen", recommends wolfgang fleischer, author of various guides on the subject of home cinema. A projector that can project an image over two meters away can only really be used to its full potential in rooms that are more than six meters long. In an average living room of between 15 and 20 square meters, coarser plasma and LCD screens or a smaller screen are therefore more appropriate.

Anneliese goller from wingersdorf in the district of bamberg is the new state farmer in the bavarian farmers' association (BBV). At the state convention in herrsching am ammersee, 113 of the 121 delegates present (128 in total) gave the upper franconian their vote. In the evening, colleagues from the profession met at the goller farm in wingersdorf for a congratulatory event, which was then continued at the farmers' museum in frensdorf. Anneliese goller is in the 15. The first female bavarian state farmer from upper franconia during the first election period. The farmers' association has been in existence since 1949.

Anni fries deputy

It was not the big bang at the meeting of the lonnerstadt town council. The news of giovanni daniele’s resignation from the CSU had already made the rounds over the weekend. Mayor regina bruckmann () wanted to have it confirmed in the meeting by daniele himself: the "italian with a german passport", who has lived in lonnerstadt since 2009 and was a candidate for mayor in the 2020 election, answered the mayor’s question about his resignation from the CSU quite simply with "yes".

A spokesman for the northrop grumman company denied in the weekly newspaper "die zeit" the claim that not all construction plans had been delivered to germany. She also said that berlin’s concerns about collision protection and possible cost increases were incomprehensible.

The opposition continues to put pressure on head of department thomas de maiziere (CDU). The european aviation safety authority eurocontrol demanded uniform standards for the use of unmanned aircraft in the eu.

Zimbabwe's ex-president robert mugabe dies

The death of zimbabwe’s former long-term president robert mugabe marked the end of an era in the impoverished sudafrican country. At the age of 95, the politician, who remained controversial to the end, died on friday in singapore.

His successor, president emmerson mnangagwa, wrote on twitter that mugabe was a liberation hero and had dedicated his life to the emancipation of his people. Mugabe’s nephew robert zhuwao also confirmed the news of his death. The long-time ruler had polarized opinion throughout his life, which was also reflected in the reactions to his death.

The specialist clinic "haus immanuel in hutschdorf near thurnau, a facility of the german community diaconia association (DGD), specializes in the treatment of women addicted to alcohol and drugs. The facility has room for 60 women, up to twelve of whom can bring their children with them to therapy – a unique facility in northern bavaria that has proven to be very successful with its concept.

Julian friemelt is currently the most successful driver in the karting boys’ squad of the AMC kitzingen. The ten-year-old leads the rankings of the lower franconian and also the bavarian championship. His older brother kevin friemelt, meo winter and christian kahl also still have a chance to recommend themselves for higher tasks.

And so, before the home race this sunday in kitzingen, trainer and youth director markus friemelt also states: "this year, i am very satisfied with the performances of all the boys and was very proud to be able to accompany all four of them to further championships."

jelly recipes from rugendorf to copy

Summer and harvest time is for the rugendorfers simone and frank preubner's preserves. And primarily from jellies. "We don't like jam with fruit pieces", betrayal of the rugendorfer. And goes through the culinary calendar of the year.

Experimental and suitable for everyday use

Eva barthel tidies louisa’s outfit to perfection. The first run on the "catwalk" is about to begin. Behind the stage, the students of the university of hof/ campus textile design wrap themselves in strange garments: plaster bandages, paper cuttings, crepe ribbons, rags and hoses are draped around their bodies. The women look like aliens and that is part of the program. Before the models walk down the catwalk in the old parcel hall in beautiful and wearable collections, they first show quite unusual objects.
Martina ziegenthaler, professor at the university of hof/campus munchberg, tells what the strange skins are all about. "The task was to design body shells that have as much volume and as little weight as possible". Some designs were very successful, others less so, and some had fulfilled the task 100 percent, according to ziegenthaler. These drafts are certainly not intended for the penal system, says ziegenthaler. "It is an experimental play with materials. We wanted to show what happens when you leave out all the requirements for clothing." fashion and textiles are inseparable, but fashion is only a small part of the textile design course, says ziegenthaler.
The students prepare for the performance. "I’m already a little excited, says louise regel. They can be, after all, young women don’t walk the runway as models every day. By the way: while the catwalk snaked through the parcel hall at the first fashion show two years ago, it is much smaller this time around. The "catwalk is set up in the back of the hall, dark curtains cover the room and spotlights shine from the ceiling. It’s heib. Nevertheless, the visitors sit and stand close together.

Among the performers are members of the pocket opera from nurnberg. Franz killer, the musical director, is thrilled by the response. "We didn’t expect this level of interest, especially in this weather", he is pleased.
The show starts with the performance, the women and one man walk down the catwalk in futuristic creations, accompanied by idiosyncratic music: gertrud demmler-schwab, a singer from the pocket opera, performs cathy berberian’s "stripsody". The experiment succeeds, the audience applauds.
In the second part, the students will present beautiful, wearable collections. The up-and-coming designers have been inspired by the colors of the autumn of the fall or have relied on environmentally sustainable materials.
The fashion is casual, elegant, stylish or in business look. "Cast off" heibt for example the collection of anne trottmann, which takes up the sailor look. Anna trottmann and larissa mauerer show with their designs fashion for self-confident women. At the end the excitement is gone and there is long and enthusiastic applause for the models and the fashion.