Artistic trainees get a taste of the corporate world

Before lisa reinwand, andreas schmidt and simon vonhausen from 1. September at maintal confituren to industrial clerks or. When they were being trained as food technologists, they were able to get a taste of what it’s like to work at a company with their family and friends. This has been a tradition in the family business for several years, according to a press report.
The visit focused on getting to know the future employer, the colleagues and also the trainees among each other, the company says. After a welcome by maintal managing director anne feulner, the new trainees and their parents gained their first insights into the company and the different work areas during an exclusive tour of the company.

Afterwards, open questions were clarified and the maintal range was tasted in a relaxed atmosphere over a joint meal.
Anne feulner emphasized the great importance of training at maintal konfituren: "as a family business with more than 130 years of history, it is very important for us to recruit competent young people from the region for our company. We currently employ a total of ten apprentices in the professions of industrial clerk, food technology specialist and warehouse logistics specialist, as well as dual students."
only recently, melina hetzel had successfully completed her training as an industrial clerk and was taken on as a sales assistant.

As the largest sports club in the district, the ATS kulmbach honored numerous long-serving members and successful athletes in the club's guesthouse on friday evening. "Those who celebrated at the sportsmen's gala in the city hall have already experienced our deserving sportsmen", said ATS chairman heidesuse wagner.
She particularly emphasized the basketball team, which as champions of the upper district league has been promoted to the bavarian league. "They haven't lost a single game with their trainer christoph jungbauer, that's a super achievement!" she could only advise everyone, said wagner, to come to one of the games in the CVG hall and experience the unique atmosphere.
But not only the basketball players look back on a successful year 2017, also the strong swimming department of the ATS could again achieve many successes. Take paul deichsel, for example, who. The first place at the upper franconian short course championships over 200 m freestyle, or ida stubinger with a 2nd place. Place at the bayern-cup of the youth (team oberfranken) in the discipline 3x swim& run / 4 x triathlon.
"How much training effort paired with ambition must be present in order to achieve these outstanding results??", asked heidesuse wagner. She expressed her gratitude for the cohesion, cooperation and tireless efforts of the trainers.

Boxmotor willy kastner

Oberburgermeister henry schramm dedicated himself to the second most important department of the sports club, the boxing department. "One person in particular should be mentioned here, without whom boxing in kulmbach would be unimaginable: department head willy kastner", said the mayor. "He was one of the first to recognize that fitness boxing is trendy, and he has made the boxing department for kulmbach a billboard."
deputy district administrator jorg kunstmann is also aware of the importance of the ATS in the district of kulmbach. "Here many stand behind the great performances of the athletes, this only works as a team", he said. "The network is so tightly woven that many things are possible."
Schramm and kunstmann were therefore delighted about the imminent arrival of a university institute in kulmbach, which is expected to bring 1,000 students to the area. "Clubs like the ATS will certainly benefit from this", says the mayor.
In addition to many other athletes, long-serving members of the bayerischer landessportverband were also honored.

China and india have agreed on initial steps to ease newly flared tensions on their disputed himalayan border.

Troops from both sides should "quickly disengage from each other, keep appropriate distance," continue their dialogue and reduce tensions, according to an agreement reached by both eagle ministers at a meeting in moscow.

A 37-year-old man was killed in shots fired outside a berlin disco on saturday night. Three others, aged 33, 34 and 41, were injured and were taken to hospital for inpatient treatment, according to the police.

The 33-year-old was arrested by the officers as the suspected protector. He was to be questioned on saturday. A gun and bullet casings were found during the search for evidence. Whether it is the murder weapon was initially unclear.

Many visitors involved in and around the animal protection association came to the meeting of the kitzingen city council on tuesday because of the uncertain future of the kitzingen animal shelter. The SPD motion gave rise to the basic discussion they had expected. "We could be a draught horse," elvira kahnt explained the intention and added: "which does not mean that we alone pull everything."The tenor remained that the solution to the problem was a "joint task for all district municipalities".

Complex site search

Earlier, kitzingen’s mayor siegfried muller summarized the status to date: filling in the crumbling tunnels under the building in kaltensondheimer strabe could cost up to 850,000 euros. Not included in this estimate are planning achievements. However, the question is whether the current site would still meet animal welfare requirements if it were to be redeveloped. Muller asked the animal protection society to comment for clarification purposes. The city administration had suggested three alternative sites to the animal welfare association, but after a more detailed assessment they had proved to be unsuitable. Offers had been received from other communities, which were currently being evaluated.

The boules players of the former soldiers of the armed forces association end the playing season 2019. Once again the iron balls were unpacked for the final competition.

From march to october, players met twice a month in the boule arena at the musicians’ home. The best players of the year were honored during a social evening at the delphi and awarded by the team leader of the boules players, peter hrach. The l. Otmar zimmer took first place in the team game and won the challenge cup. The second place went to peter hrach. In the women’s team match the first place went to peter hrach. Place to ursula dogner. The 2. Teresia zimmer took first place. In the long throw, the 1. Place to peter hrach, the 2. Hermann lell takes first place.