No money for the burgenwinkel

Given the city’s financial situation, the konigsberg city council does not want to spend one cent too much. And there had also the maroldsweisacher mayor wilhelm schneider no chance, to guest in the meeting on tuesday, to promote a project of the zweckverband deutscher burgenwinkel. Konigsberg does not want to spend the 8000 euros with which the konigsbergers should have participated for the burgenwinkel.

Mayor erich stubenrauch had once again put the topic on the agenda: the committee had already rejected financial participation for project part III of the german castle angle association.

Mayor wilhelm schneider from maroldsweisach is the chairman of the association and promoted the marketing project with the tongues of angels. Schneider presented the previous project parts I and II. Project part III deals with the 3D visualization of castles and palaces in the german burgenwinkel.

What’s in it for konigsberg?
In addition one wants to develop a school class quiz to the german burgenwinkel and address new target groups such as school classes or universities. Project management and public relations work cost money; a total of 210,000 euros has been budgeted.

The association itself will pay around 56,000 euros; for the city of konigsberg, this will mean 8,000 euros, spread over two years. Although schneider even offered an interest-free deferral for 2013, he was unsuccessful. By a vote of 7:6, the city council once again rejected the financial contribution. Schneider had stressed that the concept was a long-term one and would only be fully successful in a few years’ time. But this apparently did not convince the city council members, who argued that there were too few presentable results.

How to communicate this to the citizen?
In view of the currently strained city finances, the skeptics said that no one here could be convinced that the city wanted to spend money on a 3D visualization of the castle hill. The money is needed more urgently elsewhere. Schneider’s appeal "we must continue to work on this together", echoed.

The precariousness of the budgetary situation in konigsberg became apparent during the adoption of the draft budget, the financial plan and the budgetary statutes for 2013. Chamberman marco weber explained that only a few coarser investments are possible. 220,000 is planned for the general energy renovation of the konigsberg daycare center "die arche", the extension of the romerhofer way in konigsberg with 240,000 euro and the village renewal in kottenbrunn with 193,000 euro – although the legal supervisory authority advised against the latter.

Little room for investment
each item of the budget was discussed and explained in detail. Overall, the administrative budget closes with 6.03 million euros and the property budget with 1.7 million euros; the budget thus has a volume of 7.73 million euros.

The main items of expenditure are the regiomontanus elementary school, the levy for secondary schools attended by the children of konigsberg and the school debt (289,000 euros).

The "health, sport and recreation" budget item is with 92 646 euro budgeted: 18,926 euros of which is for the replanting of trees on the pale dam. Social security, including kindergartens, costs the city 286,000 euros.

Other rough "chunks the most unrelated expenses are the county levy of 1.37 million euros and the expenses for loans and interest payments of 425,000 euros. The city’s debt at the end of this budget year was 4.53 million euros. The chamberman had obviously done a good job: without any votes against, the draft budget was approved.

The model project "energy (wall)" was also presented. In addition, the list of proposed offenders was available at the courts and district courts. For the session 2014 to 2018 were reported: angelika geier and andreas waldenmeier from altershausen, melanie gunzler-spath from konigsberg and winfried hauck from romershofen.

Finally, mayor stubenrauch announced that the market fountain in konigsberg, which is currently dry, will be renovated in the next few days. To be up and running again before whitsun.

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