Next cycling medal – sailors also rejoice

Next cycling medal - sailors also rejoice

Heiko kroger and jens kroker each won silver in their disciplines at the paralympics for the german team in london. Due to a lull, the eleventh race was cancelled on thursday.

"I hoped and thought that this medal was possible". We got it right in the last weeks and had a very good plan. It was a complete success," the 46-year-old kroger from jersbek in schleswig-holstein told the dpa news agency. The 2000 paralympics winner is missing a forearm. While kroger in 2.4mr-keelboat, the handicapped berliner kroker became second in the three-man-boat sonar with his crew. He won in beijing four years ago.

Last year’s world champion schindler was beaten only by chinese zeng sini after 48 kilometers. In the sprint for second place, the 26-year-old prevailed over allison jones from australia. Schindler won her first medal at the paralympics. By wednesday, the german team had won three gold, four silver and one bronze medal.

But the star of the first street races was alessandro zanardi, who even hours after his success in the handbike class still looked very emotional. On ARD, the italian reported – in addition to a total of 909 congratulatory text messages received – about the call from his 13-year-old son. "Kids are different, he’s not always interested when i’m on tv. But this time he explained to me exactly how I did the race and wanted to tell me: I’m proud of you because you’re my father and not because you won gold. The ex-formula 1 driver got goose bumps even as he was paying his dues.

Less successful was the day for schutzin manuela schmermund. She only finished in fifth place with the rifle. Wheelchair tennis player sabine ellerbrock missed out on bronze after losing 2:6, 6:7 (6:8) in the small final against jiske griffioen from the netherlands. In the first road bike race of the manner, wolfgang sacher was able to finish 16th. Do not interfere in the decision.

In the olympic stadium, which was once again full, there had already been an award ceremony with german participation in the morning: the men’s 4×100-meter relay team with markus rehm, heinrich popow, david behre and wojtek czyz took the bronze medal that had fallen to them the night before after brazil and the USA were disqualified. "We have left the french and the japanese behind us. It was great fun to do something as a team," said czyz, the final runner. Gold with world record had gone to sud africa around oscar pistorius.

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