New plan for the guterbahnhof

New plan for the guterbahnhof

There must be a good reason why michael stoschek is not at the cup final game of the brose baskets. The chairman of the brose shareholders’ meeting co-founded a new company a few weeks ago – coburg globe gmbh. And as their spokesman, he awarded the first coburg design prize to mark the opening of the designtage.

This prize should not be awarded regularly, but when something is worth its price. In this case, it was about the globe, the round building that will first serve as an interim stage for the state theater and then lend esprit and glamor to the entire guterbahnhof area. At least that’s what the shareholders of coburg globe gmbh think, as stoschek and tina-maria vlantoussi-kaeser pointed out.

The three coburg companies brose, HUK-coburg and kaeser want to raise three million euros to build the globe. For this reason, they founded the company, which will take over the entire planning and give the finished plan to the city at the end. The should then build. But it’s no longer just about the globe: the gmbh is also financing landscape planning, because the wooden structure of the globe can only have the right effect if it is surrounded by nature, said stoschek. Heibt: coburg globe gmbh is designing more or less the entire site, apart from the buildings that still have to be built, perhaps.

"No hodgepodge of different uses" the guterbahnhofsgelande should become, stoschek decreed. The aim is to find a "really convincing concept for the area", gladly with the help of the university or other institutions that provide training, said the entrepreneur. The "bond of science, art and nature" should extend along the itz, become a "great attraction" become. "The land should serve the youth" or at least make coburg so attractive for young people that they want to live and work here.

"We want to build a cultural center", also said tina-maria vlantoussi-kaeser. "We can do it.

There is no alternative."

The coburg architect klaus glodschei will be responsible for planning the globe, and stefanie juhling, who has already designed the area around the sudkreisel traffic circle and the brose factory site, will be in charge of the landscape planning.

Auwi stubbe, chairman of the coburg designforum oberfranken, which organizes the designtage, was the one who brought the globe back into the political discussion shortly before christmas – with the location guterbahnhof. The basis of the concept study was the design of a round theater by isabell stengel and anders macht, who therefore received the first forderpreis coburger design and 1000 euro each.

Auwi stubbe, meanwhile, has long since left the "globe" at the guterbahnhof. He would like to see a youth hostel in the customs office building with a beach on the river itz behind it and the former signal box as an additional accommodation building opposite it. The parking garage, which is to be built at the south end of the country anyway, could get a congress center and a hotel on top of that. "Since the ICE connection, coburg is in the middle of germany" should be known as a congress location, said stubbe. "The congress center can then age in peace and quiet."

in addition, there are apparently already very concrete considerations for the future use of the spath glazier’s shop, also in the guterbahnhof area. The workshops are to be expanded to include studios and artists’ apartments on the upper floor; the spath gallery in the remise could also be relocated to the guterbahnhof. The art was already there.

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