New climbing wall expands therapeutic approach

The specialist clinic "haus immanuel in hutschdorf near thurnau, a facility of the german community diaconia association (DGD), specializes in the treatment of women addicted to alcohol and drugs. The facility has room for 60 women, up to twelve of whom can bring their children with them to therapy – a unique facility in northern bavaria that has proven to be very successful with its concept.

In order to challenge the relationship between mother and child, joint activities take place, especially in sports therapy. "With the construction of a new sports hall in 2018, we have already been able to reach a milestone here.", gotthard lehner, head of the facility, explained. "Now we will expand this therapeutic approach and integrate a new climbing wall into our gymnasium."

Thanks to two donors

As a diaconal institution, the purchase of the climbing wall has to be financed by donations. And such a donation of 27790 euros was received by the specialist hospital "house immanuel from the spiral of happiness. "We are very pleased that the glucksspirale supports us so roughly in this project. Thank you very much", said the clinic director.

A big thank you also goes to the rotary-hilfswerk kulmbach, which is supporting the construction of the new climbing wall with 3000 euro.

Climbing increases self-esteem

Bouldering has become increasingly popular in recent years. With regard to the therapeutic approach of the specialist clinic, patients can increase their sense of self-worth through mother-child climbing. You learn to trace and consciously expand boundaries.

For the children, it means sharing activities with their mothers, where they can rely on and trust their addicted parent.

The "haus immanuel" specialist clinic

The 15-week therapy in the DGD clinic "haus immanuel combines medical rehabilitation with an interdisciplinary therapy program to pursue a holistic and sustainable approach. The clinic in hutschdorf employs 70 people.

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