Mr. And mrs. Glos in the csu for 50 years

The CSU party leadership is not holding any jubilee honors this year because of the corona pandemic. Prominent "victims this situation, the federal minister of economics a. D. Michael glos and his wife ilse glos, both loyal to the party for half a century.

Ilse and michael glos were married in 1968 and joined the CSU together in 1970, at that time in the gerolzhofen local party. "I come from a political family; my father was also once a county councilman", says the native of herlheim, who first had to persuade her husband to take his political path.

Founding the CSU through straub

"I was a liberal and I didn’t like the CSU’s association with the catholic church, betrayal michael glos today as a political pensioner. He found his way to the CSU as a result of the 1968 shift to the left, especially since he was impressed by franz josef straub as a person. Ilse glos founded the prichsenstadt local association, and the now 72-year-old was also a member of the district executive committee for a decade.

Michael glos has had a remarkable political career, serving as a district councilor and city councilor in prichsenstadt, as a member of the bundestag for 37 years, and as federal minister of economics from 2005 to 2009. "I never wanted to be a federal minister, my dream job was as head of the CSU parliamentary group in the bundestag, tells the master muller from prichsenstadter brunnau. He held the position of national team boss for 13 years.

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