Master of light: cameraman robby muller dead

The internationally awarded dutch cameraman robby muller is dead. He died at the age of 78 at his home in amsterdam after a long illness, as his family announced on wednesday.

Muller was considered a rough virtuoso behind the camera. He has become world famous for his films with directors wim wenders, jim jarmusch and lars von trier.

Muller, who was born on the dutch caribbean island of curacao, was regarded as a "master of light" because he worked primarily with natural light. In 2017, the berlin museum of film and television dedicated a major exhibition to the dutchman.

One of his best-known films was "paris, texas" by the german director wenders from 1984. With wenders, muller had made a total of 14 films. Muller shot with jarmusch among others "down by law" (1986) and "dead man" with jonny depp and with von trier "breaking the waves" (1996) and "dancer in the dark" (2000) with bjork.

Several films in which he had participated had won international awards. Muller had also been honored many times in his dutch homeland. He had been suffering from dementia for years and could no longer walk.

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