Kitzingen city council wants to help the animal shelter

Many visitors involved in and around the animal protection association came to the meeting of the kitzingen city council on tuesday because of the uncertain future of the kitzingen animal shelter. The SPD motion gave rise to the basic discussion they had expected. "We could be a draught horse," elvira kahnt explained the intention and added: "which does not mean that we alone pull everything."The tenor remained that the solution to the problem was a "joint task for all district municipalities".

Complex site search

Earlier, kitzingen’s mayor siegfried muller summarized the status to date: filling in the crumbling tunnels under the building in kaltensondheimer strabe could cost up to 850,000 euros. Not included in this estimate are planning achievements. However, the question is whether the current site would still meet animal welfare requirements if it were to be redeveloped. Muller asked the animal protection society to comment for clarification purposes. The city administration had suggested three alternative sites to the animal welfare association, but after a more detailed assessment they had proved to be unsuitable. Offers had been received from other communities, which were currently being evaluated.

Jens pauluhn (odp) asked about the prerequisites for being able to build an animal shelter on a site. Specifically, it was about the prescribed distance to residential buildings. This depends on many factors, explained head of the building department oliver graumann: "it can’t be expressed in meters. However, the sites proposed so far were at least 300 meters away from each other." even allotments had to be taken into account, for example, he said, illustrating the complexities of site selection. Together with the required area of about one hectare, it is not so easy to find an appropriate, already developed plot of land close to nature. "We want to, but we can’t that easily," pauluhn said.

A solution must be found by the beginning of 2019

Andreas moser wanted more information: "none of us knew what the city was doing and how it operated."The animal protection association now introduced harald meyer from erlach as a permanent contact person for all sides. Uwe pfeiffle was surprised at the proposal "in an ongoing process" and wanted to know to what extent time was of the essence.

Legal director susanne schmoger informed from a conversation with the mining office that a solution must be "in sight by the beginning of 2019". The council members expressed sympathy across the board for the needs of the animal shelter. On muller’s suggestion, they unanimously agreed to authorize him to secure the financial support of the city of kitzingen in further negotiations.

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