Joy over a year without a mission

If a year goes by without fires or interventions on the highway, then it is a good year. Even though the floriansjunger from nenzenheim are well trained for this case and are always ready for it. Nevertheless, the year 2011 passed without any noteworthy incidents, which is why on wednesday evening at the annual general meeting in the "feierwehrsaal" a satisfied balance was drawn up for the past months. And there was also an honor.

Ottmar belz has been a member of the nenzenheim fire department for 25 years. He received a certificate, signed by interior minister joachim herrmann, and a mug from his comrades.

Chairman stefan loslein praised especially the many helpers, who support the monday meeting in the firehouse and the numerous activities of the fire department. 60 people he has paid, who do not come from the ranks of the board, but nevertheless are always present. He pointed out that the hall, which was furnished only two years ago, can still be rented for events. In order to improve its acoustics, molton will now be purchased. A new pizza oven is already on site.

Furthermore, loslein named the most important festive dates for the firefighters in 2012: the carnival dance with the group "domino" on the 4th of march. February, the open air with the duo "le.Cker" on 21. July as well as the summer festival on 26. August.

Commander willi bayer reported on six drills, in addition to further individual drills by the group leaders and actions with the fire brigades from krassolzheim and willanzheim. The cooperation is to be continued, this year there will be another exercise with the people of huttenheim. In addition, there were nighttime activities at the kindergarten and at the kilian farm. As a special feature, there will be a driver training course this year. Important for the fire brigade: new batteries for the hand lamps are purchased.

Youth leader thomas rauh, who shares this office with joachim gerschutz, praised his youth, which consists of seven male and two female nenzenheim members. 42 training sessions were completed last year, plus the knowledge test and the "leistungsspange", the 24-hour swim and an excursion to oelsnitz in the erzgebirge mountains. The budget for youth work has grown to a three-digit sum for the first time. For this year they are planning another advertising campaign in the village.

District fire inspector gunter wilhelm announced a visit to the district leadership. Walter meier, commander of the iphofen base fire brigade, invited to a dig at the knauf factories.

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