Heinz-glas receives medium-sized company award

Heinz-glas receives medium-sized company award

The company heinz-glas (kleintettau) is a finalist for the "rough prize of the middle class 2020" been awarded. "Setting milestones" was the motto of this year's competition, which was used to promote the cohesion of society.

The awards gala of the oskar patzelt foundation as part of the 26. Competition for the "rough prize of the middle class 2020" for the competition regions of baden-wurttemberg, bavaria, berlin/brandenburg, hesse, saxony and thuringia, nearly 400 entrepreneurs experienced the event at the wurzburg hotel maritim in the presence of numerous invited guests.

Heinz-glas had convinced the jurors and successfully prevailed against 3142 competitors nominated in the six competition regions 2020. A total of six companies were honored as finalists in the bavaria category this year.

Carletta heinz was delighted to accept this special award. As the only business award in germany, the gross award of the middle class does not only look at numbers, but at the middle class company as a whole in its complex role in german society. The companies are judged according to various competitive criteria, such as modernization and innovation or special commitment to the region


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