Groundbreaking ceremony at fire department

Construction work on the expansion of the fire station in wellerstadt was officially started with a spirited shovel throw at the groundbreaking ceremony.
Commander rainer kauschke was able to welcome guests from politics and the fire department, including the partner fire department from zogenreuth near auerbach (upper palatinate). Second-in-command philipp andrasch outlined the history of the extension’s construction. In the old geratehaus, accident prevention regulations could no longer be complied with, and the ever more extensive equipment was growing along with the tasks.
After planning had begun about two years ago, demolition and disposal of the building, which had previously stood on the town’s property, could begin a few weeks ago.

It was completed in just a few days thanks to the support of the baiersdorf building yard and numerous wellerstadt farmers who provided vehicles and trailers.
Mayor andreas galster (CSU) was pleased that the fire station would continue to stand in its traditional location: "a fire station belongs in the middle of the village wherever possible." he paid the active ones rough respect for the own achievement in the past weeks with the demolition.
Then it was time for the actual groundbreaking ceremony: just like the mayor and the district fire chief matthias rocca, the two commanders packed their decorated shovels full and threw the load into the construction field with gusto to the applause of the many guests.

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