Government states: citizens’ petition on aurachtal railroad is not admissible

When the city council meets next tuesday at 6 p.M. For a special session, the resolution should be a mere formality. At least that is what mayor german hacker (SPD) is convinced of. The city council must decide on the admissibility of the citizens’ petition for the reactivation of the aurachtalbahn are located. Proposed resolution of the city council: "the submitted citizens’ petition is inadmissible."

The opinion is shared

In its rejection, the city refers to a statement by the government of central franconia, which has since been received in writing. In the letter to the city, written by government director wolfgang fischer, the right-wing smear artist shares his opinion that the citizens’ petition for the reactivation of the aurachtal railroad is inadmissible." fischer makes this clear on the basis of several points that contradict admissibility. And for the government, just one important point was decisive: "in our opinion, the citizens’ petition is already inadmissible because it lacks a municipal task within its own sphere of influence", writes fischer.

Railroad traffic

The city includes this in its proposed resolution for tuesday: "the inadmissibility of the citizens’ petition arises solely from the fact that rail traffic (which includes an urban railroad) is not a matter for a municipality’s own sphere of influence." this also applies to the alternative formulation.

For mayor hacker, this is "a very clear matter." the government’s assessment is still "much clearer than expected", he states in the FT interview. Thus the decision on tuesday was a formal matter.

Nevertheless, such a decision is necessary. According to hacker, the municipal code stipulates that the city council must vote on the matter. The initiators of the citizens’ petition also have the right to speak at the meeting.

2180 entries

A total of 2180 people have registered on the signature lists. Of these registrations, 1995 registrations were valid. 1435 valid signatures are sufficient to submit a petition for a referendum. Therefore the conditions were fulfilled.

The citizens’ petition

Question "are you in favor of reactivating the

Aurachtalbahn and for the city of herzogenaurach to become a city council member-

Umland-bahn independent planning office with the implementation of the standardized

The city’s rejection refers to a written statement from the government of central franconia, which has been received in the meantime?"

Alternative "are you in favor of the city of herzogenaurach commissioning a planning office that is independent of the association for the urban-urban railroad to carry out the standardized evaluation procedure for the reactivation of the aurachtalbahn as a suburban railroad?


Declaration by the applicants a second formulation was submitted in the alternative. In the event that the first question, which is divided into two parts, does not comply with the law.

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