Economic challenger viktor naumann heads department

The city administration is a construction site. Mayor franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) is in the process of reorganizing the referenda. Stumpf had already begun this process in july, when economic challenger viktor naumann came to forchheim, when he put urban planner alexander dworschak in charge of the city's housing cooperative (GWS).

Now viktor naumann himself has become a central figure in the restructuring process. In the future, he will head department 3, which was newly created by stumpf. That means that economic demands, property management and city management all come together at naumann. "With it, we're moving away from interventionist administration and strengthening the city as a service provider", says franz stumpf. He is "really proud" of this solution. It is not about saving personnel, said stumpf on tuesday explicitly.

Heinz schwab, naumann's predecessor as economic advisor, was based at the housing cooperative GWS, i.E. Outside the administration, recalls stumpf: "this gave schwab more freedom, because he didn't have to approve every business trip or similar under civil service law."

Freedom for naumann

Naumann will now sit in city hall. "At the same time, I'm giving him the same freedom that schwab had as an economic challenger", franz stumpf emphasizes. The oberburg master expects particular effectiveness from the fact that naumann will have city management and real estate under his own roof.

Up to now, this has always been a conflict: in order to bring people to forchheim, favorable properties were to be offered. At the same time, the real estate office wanted to sell the land at a high price.

Stumpf is now freed from this conflict of interests: "viktor naumann brings these two issues together."

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