Ecological bath should set a signal in the saale valley

The only item on the agenda of the municipal council meeting in aura was the subsidy application for the natural swimming pool. The municipality intends to convert its swimming pool, which is in need of renovation, into a natural swimming pool in order to absorb additional burdens and ensure the existence of the local swimming pool in the long term. Funds from the EU leader program are to be used for this purpose.
"If they are approved, it will save the community money that can be used for other projects in village renewal", declared mayor thomas hack. But this is not yet the case. As cordula kuhlmann, the leader representative at the office for food, agriculture and forestry in bad neustadt, would like to know, it is not yet a matter of project approval, but rather of the allocation of funds, which will first be discussed by a steering committee. "For this, the assessment of various criteria is still necessary", kuhlmann made it clear, however, that the project has a good chance of being realized due to its regional uniqueness in the saale valley. For aura, it is now a matter of submitting a cost plan and the future operating cost plan in order to reserve the leader funds. If the decision is positive, a construction plan can follow.

430,000 euros for remodeling

Hack estimates around 430,000 euros for the conversion into an ecologically cleaned pool. From the "swimming pool pressure situation" fund, the mayor calculates with 150 000 euro, which was formed five years ago by a higher trade tax. The leader grant would be just as high, which is limited to its optimum with this funding amount.
Aura had to take out a further 130,000 euros in the form of a loan with a 20-year term. Mayor hack wants to compensate for the loan with more revenue from admission fees and savings in operating costs, for example for the heating system. Personnel expenses would be borne by the municipality, with aura foregoing a lifeguard and instead seeking a supervisor with a rescue qualification.

Gigantic children's area

"A serious pursuit of the project is important, because otherwise they block other leader projects", stressed mrs. Kuhlmann, who limited a settlement to the end of 2015. Mayor hack is therefore planning another town hall meeting on the subject this summer and a tour of the natural swimming pool in gobweinstein. He put the unbudgeted costs for renovating the current swimming pool at around 800,000 euros.
Landscape architect claus schmitt from the "water workshop" in bamberg presented the new planning. Accordingly, the school garden was turned into a gravel filter surface, which was equipped with sprinkler filters similar to those used in garden spraying systems.

To the north, hack says, a children's area with its own pool and playscape will be created.
Before in eastern direction a further, with plants populated nature clear basin, against which however thomas klose had objections because of the close to child basin. Safety limits are at the discretion of the municipality. However, planner schmitt does not expect any accidents from his experience. The existing swimming pool would be retained, but would be prepared, for example, by adjusting the concrete heads at the edge of the pool. The buildings attached to the swimming pool are excluded from the requirement.
Lattices and hedges could separate the area from the parking lot. With regard to the parking spaces, the municipality is planning a possible additional location in the schoolyard. If necessary, a solar system on the roofs of the functional buildings will be used to heat the water.

Swimming pool association

"We deliberately want an ecological swimming pool that sends a signal throughout the saale valley", underlined mayor hack, who also referred to the establishment of a "forderverein schwimmbad" (swimming pool association) by the burger hopes and by the municipal council unanimously "green light" for the grant application received.

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