Daniele leaves the csu

It was not the big bang at the meeting of the lonnerstadt town council. The news of giovanni daniele’s resignation from the CSU had already made the rounds over the weekend. Mayor regina bruckmann () wanted to have it confirmed in the meeting by daniele himself: the "italian with a german passport", who has lived in lonnerstadt since 2009 and was a candidate for mayor in the 2020 election, answered the mayor’s question about his resignation from the CSU quite simply with "yes".

For a why and why the meeting was also not the right place. Nevertheless, daniele’s resignation has consequences: with two CSU seats – in addition to daniele, there is also johann hops – there is no longer a CSU faction in the lonnerstadt municipal council. This also means that daniele no longer has a seat on the audit committee. Mayor bruckmann now expects a written declaration from giovanni daniele about his CSU resignation.

The CSU faction’s request to inspect all existing lease agreements with the associations in the municipality, which was on the agenda, did not have to be dealt with in the meeting. The CSU had already withdrawn it before the meeting, which was held at the fire station.

Motions withdrawn

Four other CSU motions will also no longer be discussed, as johann hops explained. These are the requests for economic sustainability of the municipality, the request for biodiversity/open space concept and surface unsealing, the request for participation in the project "yellow ribbon" as well as the economic efficiency calculation of the clear ailsbach facility.

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