Customers storm the new kaufland

If what the customers told us is true, then some places in bamberg and hallstadt must have been much quieter on thursday than on normal days. The family andrea and josef lang about. For usual, they drive from hallstadt through half of bamberg to stock up on groceries at the stechert arena. On thursday they turned right to the west in the north of bamberg. To trosdorf.

Or anette kastner and roland legel from trunstadt. When they go shopping, the trip from their home in trunstadt usually ends at one of the rough markets in the laubanger area. "We can save this time now", says the blond man as he strives towards the exit with his fully packed shopping cart.
Many people seem to have been like him that morning. The new main-regnitz-center in the industriestrabe in trosdorf has obviously made an impact. While an icy wind whipped the rain across the crowded parking lot outside, people crowded into the just-opened retail environment as if it were a weekend at an amusement park. Curious and snapping hunters make the rounds; mother and pensioner are not deterred by the long lines at the toy store . People marvelled, splurged, bought what they could. The old retail location with its long history, which began in 1968 under the name einkaufszentrum beyer, still has many friends.

Few people could be interested in the fact that the building, with its 11,000 square meters of sales space, has not belonged to a local company for a long time, but to a luxembourg fund company: but that has not hurt "cheyne", nootny, of french tongues easily, has loosened up a two-digit million sum to create a new shopping paradise at the gates of the city.

On the first day at least, the happy faces outweigh the sad ones: kai nootny, project developer at garigal in frankfurt, is pleased that an adventure that began five years ago has ended happily. It was no small feat to breathe new life into a run-down shopping mile: when edeka gave up at the end of 2010, the industrial area was visibly getting on in years and was formally surrounded by competitors.

Today it is the competition that fears the main-regnitz-center. With a retail mix that ranges from shoes to food, from baked goods to gasoline, and covers all articles of daily need, the ruble is now rolling again in trosdorf. Nootny estimates that over a million people a year will come to the new center and buy goods for 30 million euros.

Some ten thousand euros may already have gone over the counter on the first day. The customers, who conquered the new building in a never-ending stream, were in a buying mood, which especially pleased the store manager of kaufland, erwin filchner. He saw his expectations exceeded

also for politics marks the 29. November a turning point in bischberg history.

Mayor johann pfister (BI) is not only pleased about the atmosphere in the new center. He notes a spirit of optimism in a place that for years had been characterized by an ominous downward spiral. Today, the trosdorf industrial area is once again one of the top addresses in the region. Trade is flourishing, but industry and commerce are also expanding their production facilities and hiring new employees, as pfister says: "the mood is good, people want to do something."

one person to whom this assessment applies in particular is shoe and textile specialist thomas mucke. The upper franconian entrepreneur is setting new standards in terms of size with his shoe store, which opened in september right next to kaufland: with 6,200 square meters of sales area, schuh mucke is larger than kaufland, which is said to have brought him a supraregional echo.

Nevertheless, the move from laubanger to trosdorf was not without risks, as thomas mucke describes. "We wondered if the customers would follow us, if the bambergers would go to trosdorf."
Two months after the opening female music the answer. They do it. Bamberg’s customers have remained loyal, and new ones have come to appreciate what mucke sees as a more relaxed traffic situation in trosdorf. The step from laubanger to drauben has been preserved.

This assessment confirms what we learned from a bamberger family father who lives not far from the concert hall. He, too, wants to make more frequent trips to trosdorf in the future. "The journey is shorter for us."

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