Corona dictates the pool operation

Britta schnake it is shortly before 12 o’clock on saturday. A long queue has already formed in front of the hochstadt outdoor pool, almost reaching the strabe. Since the 8. June the outdoor pool is open again from 12 to 20 o’clock – with conditions, of course.

The maximum number of visitors was 1500, the maximum number of swimmers in the pool was 170. The traffic is on the right side, swimming is in circles. Up to 110 people were allowed in the wave pool, the children’s pool should not be populated with more than 30 rough and small paddlers.

Personal data are to be deposited at the entrance, and distance to each other should be maintained. But who controls all that? "We never have that many people in the water", says the deputy manager of the hochstadt sports center, karl-heinz zillich "it must be a hell of a day to have to check that. Then we are three or four people on site, in bad weather we are two or three people." at the children’s pool they are relying on the common sense of the parents.

According to zillich, 120 swimmers came on the opening day, and 60 to 80 on the other days. On friday there were 350. On saturday, petra muller had already paid 186 bathers at the cash desk by 1 p.M. 50 percent of the guests bring the data sheet already filled out, the rest fills it out on the spot.

But is the swimming still fun with all the conditions?? "We believe that 98 percent of the guests are really happy that we have reopened", says zillich "the feedback and what we see is very positive."

Renate lutz from centbechhofen can only agree with that. "The main thing is that I can swim, she says, even if it is unusual for her that one has to wait at the entrance "but it was fast and well organized", she adds and swims off.

According to zillich, the commendable behavior of the guests is worth a special mention: "they accept it, read everything, there were no difficulties at all. This was all new territory for us, we are positively surprised." the entrance fees are the same, but there are no reductions or season tickets, because we don’t know what will happen next.

What he notices, the length of stay of the guests in the bath is a little shorter. "The guests come to swim and lie on the lawn for about half an hour. In addition, about 50 percent less than usual come at this time of the day." but zillich doesn’t see any real benefits. "The first few weeks the pool is usually not so well attended. If this had happened during the summer vacations, it would have been much worse."

That’s how nadja muller sees it, handing a young man some fries through the window. The name "kiosk does not live up to its rough gastro area. Since 10. June has opened it and draws a positive conclusion: "the people are relaxed and happy." on friday she had the first rough fight day. "That was motivating, she says and hopes that she can start with the seating during the summer vacations. At the moment she works with a permanent team of five people who take turns.

Extra heating for the paddling pools

The fact that the new children’s area is directly opposite also has a positive effect. Little felix heinlein (2) from mechelwind loves the slide and the water jet. "Finally it’s open again, says mama nina "we were already here yesterday for three hours." she likes the new kiosk and the prices there. But also she notices that there are less people there. She likes the sun sails that provide shade for the children and the warm water for the little ones. "We have extra heating for the children’s area", explains zillich "the water is warmed up to 28 degrees."

There is also a sprinkler system in the new technical room. "The grass has been brown for the last few years", says zillich. Here too there is a lack of rain.

Natascha and michael ruff have come from nurnberg. "Because the online booking system has been introduced in nurnberg, they are fully booked on days", says michael ruff. They have been coming to hochstadt for 20 years now.

Three generations cavort on the lawn next to the wide slide: waltraud brunner from hochstadt with her daughter silvia and her grandchildren leni (3) and jan (7). Silvia and the kids came all the way from cadolzburg "because it’s not so crowded and so spacious here in hochstadt", says the grandmother.

Petra walz (60) comes from grobenseebach. "I love this pool", she says. The corona requirements are understandable for them: "I was already here yesterday to swim, I have never felt unsafe here." the audience also finds her pleasant.

In hochstadt’s outdoor pool, corona is far away. No one moves fearfully or jumps to the side when they meet someone. Local clubs also resume training – naturally after 8 p.M., when the guests are gone. The ESC is from 15. June tuesdays and thursdays with the sports swimmers on site and wednesdays with the divers and triathletes. The water rescue team trains from 19. June always on fridays.

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