Congratulations on your 90th birthday., mr. Dil!

congratulations on your 90th birthday., mr. dil!

Josif dil celebrated his 90th birthday in kitzingen on wednesday. Birthday. The jubilarian was born in engels in the former german volga region and grew up with five sisters and one brother. He attended a german school. Before the war began, the family was relocated to kazakhstan.

Since the russians did not accept german soldiers into the army, josif dil had to work as a miner in a coal mine. 1948 he married his wife katharina. Life in kazakhstan was not easy, because in his family, in his circle of friends and acquaintances only german was spoken and he was not able to speak russian.


The marriage produced six children. At the age of 50, the jubilarian retired – like all people who had done hard labor or particularly hazardous jobs in russia. In 1998 the application for emigration was approved and the family came to germany with three of their children.

The rest of the children live in kazakhstan and russia respectively.

Today, the 90-year-old lives with his son, viktor, and daughter-in-law, tamara. In addition to the children, the jubilarian was congratulated by twelve grandchildren and a large number of other descendants. The congratulations of the city were given by the mayor siegfried muller.

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