Coburg aquaria fights against staff shortage

With the opening of the aquaria outdoor pool, which is scheduled for pentecost saturday, 19. May, is planned to come some restrictions on the bathers. The adventure pool in the indoor swimming pool, the paddling pool for babies and children, and the outdoor pool with the current channel will remain open during the outdoor pool season, which is expected to last until the 10th of june. September will be closed.
The current staffing situation at the aquaria is to blame: "we currently do not have enough supervisory staff to be able to offer these areas in addition to the open-air pool during the summer months and at the same time ensure safety", aquaria operations manager jorn pakobnick-kirchner explained in an interview with the tageblatt on monday. "We are a combined pool and therefore do not have the option of closing the indoor pool completely in the summer and then deploying the staff in the outdoor pool", suc's authorized signatory joachim gronau explains. "We need additional staff."
But this sounds easier in theory than it is in practice: so far, no suitable applicants have applied for the open positions as swimming pool attendant or lifeguard, pakobnick-kirchner reported. The positions were even converted from temporary to permanent contracts. The aquaria also trains pool attendants, but it is currently extremely difficult to find applicants for training positions.
It's clear to gronau and pakobnick-kirchner that the job is obviously not the most attractive one. The working hours were often in the afternoons and evenings and sometimes on sundays. But to be able to show the positive side of the profession, the aquaria is increasingly offering internships. "And we are in contact with the vocational schools in coburg to see if we can find some people who might be interested", said gronau. "We are searching on all channels and with all media!" this also includes an appeal to the population to make the job offer known. Gronau can imagine a bonus for a successful mediation.

2500 unoccupied positions

By the way, this is not just a coburg phenomenon: there are about 2500 vacancies in swimming pools nationwide. "However, we are not giving up hope of finding at least one rescue swimmer for the supervisory service and are happy to hear from anyone who is interested.", says the plant manager. Three years of training to become a pool attendant, only a few weeks to become a lifeguard. The applicant must of course be able to swim "and save another person in the process", according to pakobnick-kirchner.
At present, eight people alternately supervised the indoor and outdoor pools in coburg as swimming masters or lifeguards and ensured the safety of the pool's guests. "But we need ten supervisors to operate the outdoor and indoor pools without restrictions, as we do now." this is the only way to comply with the working hours and the legally prescribed rest periods, pakobnick-kirchner refers to the provisions of the collective bargaining and labor law. "Our employees also need a weekend off once in a while."

From the sauna to the outdoor pool

Some german outdoor pools could not open at all because of the staff shortage. Fortunately, this is not yet the case in coburg. "We keep the indoor and outdoor adventure pools and the children's paddling pool", according to pakobnick-kirchner.

The educational pool and the 25-meter pool in the hall will remain open to the public. This ensures that all adult education courses (with the exception of courses in the adventure pool), school swimming and the swimming clubs do not have to accept any restrictions. In addition, visitors to the sauna can still pass through the indoor pool into the outdoor pool without any problems, and the indoor changing rooms can also be used by outdoor pool guests. "The water slide will be accessible and thus available from the open-air pool site", promised pakobnick-kirchner.

Discount for pool guests

Due to the partial closure of the indoor swimming pool, suc accommodates the bathers with the admission price. A day pass for the indoor pool costs 4.50 euros instead of six euros during the summer season, which is the same price as admission to the outdoor pool. Weather-related closures of the outdoor pool, which caused trouble for swimmers last year, will not happen this year, pakobnick-kirchner promised.
If the outdoor pool is expected to be closed after the 10. September schliebe, the indoor swimming pool will be fully available again.


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