Rough cinema at home

Almost every film fan dreams of his own cinema: with comfortable seats and with a self-determined film program. What used to be a dream in the days of analog projectors is now quite feasible since the digitalization of the film world. Where you place your home theater is less a question of the size of the room than of how well the components fit together: "the distance to the picture should be at least two to two and a half times the width of the screen", recommends wolfgang fleischer, author of various guides on the subject of home cinema. A projector that can project an image over two meters away can only really be used to its full potential in rooms that are more than six meters long. In an average living room of between 15 and 20 square meters, coarser plasma and LCD screens or a smaller screen are therefore more appropriate.

The interest was enormous: more than 130 participants registered for the 21. Kulmbacher energiegesprachen informed about photovoltaics, electricity storage and off-grid systems. The hall in the brewery museum was filled to capacity.
Self-consumption of self-generated electricity is absolutely trendy. Even today, the majority of new photovoltaic systems are installed with electricity storage systems. But even for long-time owners, a crucial question soon arises: where to put my self-generated electricity??
After 20 years of feed-in tariffs, the first plants will soon be dropped from the EEG. Instead of 50, 40 or 30 cents per kilowatt hour, which – depending on the year of commissioning – were guaranteed by law as compensation, the grid operator might then only pay the market price of currently just two to three cents. So why not use the electricity you generate yourself and reduce your electricity bill??

Prices in free fall

At the beginning of the event, detlef weibmann, head of the guild for electrical engineering and information technology, thomas balzar from bayernwerk-network center kulmbach and kulmbach photovoltaic tuftler stefan buchholtz explained the opportunities and possibilities of PV self-use. By the installation of an accumulator the dependence on the net is reduced, he said.
Depending on the installation, an emergency power supply is also possible in the event of a power failure.

For forgetful people, a smart home, an intelligently networked home, can be a rough help. Where the appropriate technology is installed, the stove, for example, switches itself off automatically if the motion detector has not detected a potential cook for quite a while. Or the measured CO2 content provides the recommendation to urgently open a window. But smart technology can also ensure that the heating in a bamberg student dormitory always goes out when the window is open.
"We are building such window contacts in 56 residential units of the st.-anno residential home", says gerhard nunner, head of the smart home department at fidentia, a subsidiary of the bamberger joseph foundation. His company works with the housing industry and installs technology in larger residential units, especially in the areas of heating, comfort and security. Alexa, the voice-controlled service computer from amazon, is a must. "Computer, heating at 17 degrees", nunner demands and immediately gets the confirmation by the female computer voice. "This also means that the thermostats are set accordingly", says the 53-year-old.
But he is a bit critical of alexa, because it collects data. Security is an important aspect, not only when someone controls their door opener or alarm system remotely. "We’ve had our web application checked by data protection engineers, it’s encrypted via a VPN connection and absolutely secure", says nunner. But safety also plays a major role when it comes to customer wishes. "For example, there are also sensors that trigger a dog bark or a siren when a window opens."
Nunner also points to the "smarthome franken" association (smart-home-franconia.Org), which is primarily there for end customers and their advice in the area of intelligent living. Every year the association organizes a trade fair with an exhibition and expert lectures (free admission).

In addition, there are contact persons for citizens and regular meetings where people can talk to volunteer smart home professionals to find a good solution for themselves and their property. Smart-home applications are to make life a little easier in many areas. A customer who is in a wheelchair can open hard-to-reach windows with his voice. Nunner also knows a bamberger who opened the door for an installer from his vacation in lanzarote. "Many things are possible, but the whole package is seldom called for", says the head of department.
The project in the st.-anno student housing is also an interesting comparative study for him. "In one tower of the dormitory we install the sensors, in the other not. And after a year we compare the consumption values." of course, the students will then also have to be asked whether the temperatures were still as they had wanted them to be by alexa.

Indonesia has not yet formally applied for leopard armor

At the end of her two-day trip to indonesia, she said in jakarta on wednesday that in their own interests the federal republic and europe as a whole should also strengthen their relations with the world’s largest muslim country. She warned: "if we as europeans do not stay together, we will not be able to influence the development of the world."

Meanwhile, a possible tank deal between germany and indonesia continued to cause a stir. Hans-christian strobele, member of the german bundestag, called for the indonesian government’s interest in the leopard 2 main battle tank to be discussed at next week’s special session of parliament. The defense ministry clarified that there had not yet been a formal request from jakarta. According to media reports, 100 used leopard tanks from the german armed forces are at stake.

Japan’s bundesliga pros shinji kagawa and yuya osako spoiled colombia’s start to the soccer world cup in russia for bayern star james rodriguez.

The favored sudamericans, who were outnumbered for almost 90 minutes, lost 2-1 (1-1) to the clever asians in saransk. Midfielder carlos sanchez was sent off in the third minute of the game, and the stricken james was not substituted until almost an hour into the match.

Extreme swimmer dobelmann with a new record attempt

"So guys, see you in bregenz," he said in sunny weather and 18.5 degrees water temperature. Dobelmann reckons it will take him around 28 hours to cover the 64-kilometer route. The swimmer known as "orca" made his first attempt on the 21st. May had to abort due to more serious bladder problems.

Thickly creamed and equipped with measuring probes, dobelmann strode across the sand. "I try it in swim trunks, because you always have to try something new," said stuttgart. The journey to bregenz would be easier in a neoprene suit, so he has to keep the body temperature constant by his own movement. The 110-kilo man meticulously coated his fube with vaseline – and his backside down to the last detail, "because the cold rises above the fube and the burzel," as he says. Dobelmann wanted to avoid the mistakes of the first test in may at all costs.

According to the report, the group’s head office is running through various scenarios according to which the sale would generate proceeds of one, two, three or four billion euros. A company spokesman did not want to comment on this on wednesday.

The two plants, which only started operation in 2010, are still valued at seven billion euros. According to the most recent figures, the plants have cost around twelve billion euros. Thyssenkrupp stock initially fell slightly on the stock exchange. Analyst bastian synagowitz of deutsche bank pointed to possible write-downs on steel americas steel mill division.

Artistic trainees get a taste of the corporate world

Before lisa reinwand, andreas schmidt and simon vonhausen from 1. September at maintal confituren to industrial clerks or. When they were being trained as food technologists, they were able to get a taste of what it’s like to work at a company with their family and friends. This has been a tradition in the family business for several years, according to a press report.
The visit focused on getting to know the future employer, the colleagues and also the trainees among each other, the company says. After a welcome by maintal managing director anne feulner, the new trainees and their parents gained their first insights into the company and the different work areas during an exclusive tour of the company.

Afterwards, open questions were clarified and the maintal range was tasted in a relaxed atmosphere over a joint meal.
Anne feulner emphasized the great importance of training at maintal konfituren: "as a family business with more than 130 years of history, it is very important for us to recruit competent young people from the region for our company. We currently employ a total of ten apprentices in the professions of industrial clerk, food technology specialist and warehouse logistics specialist, as well as dual students."
only recently, melina hetzel had successfully completed her training as an industrial clerk and was taken on as a sales assistant.