The specialist clinic "haus immanuel in hutschdorf near thurnau, a facility of the german community diaconia association (DGD), specializes in the treatment of women addicted to alcohol and drugs. The facility has room for 60 women, up to twelve of whom can bring their children with them to therapy – a unique facility in northern bavaria that has proven to be very successful with its concept.

jelly recipes from rugendorf to copy

Summer and harvest time is for the rugendorfers simone and frank preubner's preserves. And primarily from jellies. "We don't like jam with fruit pieces", betrayal of the rugendorfer. And goes through the culinary calendar of the year.

Klaus-peter gabelein there are still two daily newspapers in herzogenaurach, which can usually be found in the mailbox in the early morning. For many readers, this is the usual everyday life and I am honest: as long as I can remember, the "blattla, as it is sometimes pejoratively referred to, a beloved morning lecture.

Critics and even fellow workers continue to mince no words in the case of chris froome. Marcel kittel spoke of a "super disaster" for cycling, but remained more moderate in tone than his teammate tony martin the day before.

The top sprinter hopes, the last five-time stage winner of the tour de france wrote on his facebook page, "that chris can clarify the situation plausibly and quickly. This right is granted to him in this specific case. But one thing is clear: every day of uncertainty is a bad day for cycling."

According to the "innovation barometer 2019", employees often suffer from a higher work intensity and less room for maneuver ? Artificial intelligence" of the union shows, which is available to the german press agency in berlin.

Two out of three respondents in affected companies fear that the number of jobs will decline as a result of AI use. In addition, 52 percent of the respondents report an increase in work intensity. 42 percent of respondents see more frequent disruptions to work processes.

100 days to the olympics: london invites the world to join in

"Welcome to a windy and rainy london" called the head of the organization sebastian coe with typical british humor to the world. Previously, british prime minister david cameron had contributed to 77 newspapers around the world to promote the games. It’s supposed to be the "greatest show on earth. Concerns about security and transportation wiped off government’s mind. "We are assuming that everything will work out," said sports minister jeremy hunt.

"We will deliver fantastic games in the uk and 200 nations will be there," coe said in london on wednesday. 70,000 volunteers are currently preparing to do "the job of a lifetime. 8000 torchbearers are ready to run from the 19. May to carry the olympic flame across the kingdom for 70 days over 8000 miles. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said 47-year-old john hamilton. The scotsman, who lives in london, will carry the torch on 23. July in the london borough of barking carried 300 meters.

Commerzbank: up to 6000 jobs on the line

"The exact amount of the reduction will be agreed in negotiations with the employee bodies," a spokesman for the partially nationalized group explained in frankfurt on thursday.

According to the trade union verdi, up to 4600 jobs out of just under 43,400 are at risk in germany. Hypovereinsbank also plans to cut jobs, according to media reports. At the same time, allianz bids farewell to its second foray into the banking business. Allianz bank closes down. Unions and the general works council announced "resolute resistance" at commerzbank: "this frontal attack on working conditions is incompatible with the goal of offering good banking services, especially in the customer business."Negotiations with the employees are to start in february.

Frustration: first biedermann, then steffen-staffel out

Instead of the finals, the world record holder and the women’s quartet went back to the olympic village with preliminary failures. Biedermann talks about the reasons for his disappointing performance in the 400 meter freestyle. Steffen still managed to smile despite the bungled relay competition. "Now it’s over and we’re looking ahead," said the double olympic champion. "It was the first day, it can’t get any worse, let’s have a look."

Only in the beginning everything went according to plan in the two important german races. After 50 and 100 meters biedermann was even below his world record. Also the passage time to the race half of 1:52,41 minutes was good. But then the competition passed by, biedermann looked heavy and could no longer counterattack. "Out the back i couldn’t hold it anymore," explained biedermann. After a time of 3:48.50 minutes, the 400-meter run was 1.24 seconds behind the final time – the bitter result for the world record holder was 13th place.

Next cycling medal - sailors also rejoice

Heiko kroger and jens kroker each won silver in their disciplines at the paralympics for the german team in london. Due to a lull, the eleventh race was cancelled on thursday.

"I hoped and thought that this medal was possible". We got it right in the last weeks and had a very good plan. It was a complete success," the 46-year-old kroger from jersbek in schleswig-holstein told the dpa news agency. The 2000 paralympics winner is missing a forearm. While kroger in 2.4mr-keelboat, the handicapped berliner kroker became second in the three-man-boat sonar with his crew. He won in beijing four years ago.

Rome (dpa) – pope franciscus officially took office as head of the catholic church in front of tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists. Following a solemn rite, the new pope received the traditional fisherman's ring and the pallium, a kind of scarf, on tuesday in peters square. The 76-year-old argentinean is the 266th person to be tested. Pope of the universal church and successor to the resigned benedict XVI.

Cardinal dean angelo sodano presented the new pope with a gold-plated silver ring, while protodeacon jean-louis tauran put on a woolen scarf. The pallium had already worn benedict. The presentation of the papal insignia marks the beginning of the pontificate. Representing all the cardinals, six purple bearers then solemnly pledged their obedience to francis.