FC bayern starts a groundbreaking few weeks accompanied by a rough and tumble debate. In eight games within 29 days, coach niko kovac, who is still under pressure, and his stars want to prove that they can master the unfamiliar and unloved role of the manager.

The improved performance of the 2:3 against borussia dortmund, seven points behind, should be a "benchmark basis for the next weeks", according to chairman of the board karl-heinz rummenigge.

sports home on its way

TSV abtswind is one step further with its construction projects. Firstly, at its meeting, the council approved the financial plan for the 2018 investments, which also includes the 400,000 euro grant for the club.

On the other hand, the plan for the "functional sports building", a kind of sports home, was approved by the committee. This is to be built next to the artificial turf field that the club wants to build on its current grass training field next to the highway.

The meeting was really just a formality. The county election committee met late tuesday afternoon and confirmed that all nominations for the county council election on 15. March are in order and therefore valid. The county’s citizens will therefore find on the ballots the lists of CSU, SPD, the young burgers, free voters, greens, social burgers and afd. The payment made here corresponds, by the way, to the order in which the proposals were received by the district office in each case. The bank had been closed by the 23rd. January time. This deadline had already been met by all. But that’s when the work really began for the district authority. Georg herold, head of the municipal affairs department, has around 30 years of experience in organizing elections and knows the rules inside out. Simply waving them through is not an option, despite all the routine: "there are still things that haven’t been done yet, he says with a grin.

Soul and R&B legend stevie wonder has called on his fans in the U.S. To vote this november. "Systemic racism can end. Police brutality can come to an end. The economic oppression of black and brown people can come to an end," the 70-year-old musician said in a video on twitter.

Protecting our world heritage!

Because i'm not very fond of christmas, i spent my vacation reading russian newspapers: russians don't celebrate christmas until the beginning of january, so they report on the really important issues at the end of december: the great imperator putin. The rude imperator putin. Or – quite original – the rude emperor putin.

I went over to the service section and read: "when the forces to be patient are missing" – and that these forces were missing especially women. Exactly, I thought, finally someone is saying this! All those on-the-left-lane-creepers that make me late. My incredibly slow computer, which i wanted to throw out of the window. Or the employees of the german post office, who – in spite of a 50 meter queue – want to sell you an account at the post office bank in addition to the stamp.

When the city council meets next tuesday at 6 p.M. For a special session, the resolution should be a mere formality. At least that is what mayor german hacker (SPD) is convinced of. The city council must decide on the admissibility of the citizens’ petition for the reactivation of the aurachtalbahn are located. Proposed resolution of the city council: "the submitted citizens’ petition is inadmissible."

ex-borsen handler kerviel goes to appeal

His former employer – grobbank societe generale – has to prove that it was unaware of its ex-employee’s years of high-risk speculation. Under heavy media scrutiny, kerviel, now 35, answered questions at the start of the proceedings about an internal code of ethics he signed when he was hired.

"To be completely honest with you: i didn’t read it at the time – but yes: i did sign it," he said, according to the AFP news agency. He then admitted that he had exceeded the limits allowed for the eight traders in his department, which totaled 125 million euros. However, he considered this amount to be more of an informal guideline. He admitted a mistake and said with regard to the speculated sum: "that was indeed extravagant."He does not know whether other traders acted similarly to him in exceeding the limits.

It is and remains an adventure for marika heinlein – the race from athens to sparta, a classic. The ultra runner from the wiesentheide suburb of geesdorf recently completed the course for the eighth time, which is considered by many to be the run par excellence. In 33 hours and 52 minutes they covered the 246 kilometers from greece's capital athens to sparta. The distance is based on a historical event from ancient times.

In the overall ranking marika heinlein was on place 146 among the total of 265 runners who arrived in sparta within the time limit of 36 hours. In the women's classification this meant 28th place for the 55-year old. 35 runners from germany had registered for the race, among them only three women. Marika heinlein not only stayed under the time limit – she was also almost one and a half hours faster than last year. Two years before she had to give up at kilometer 60 due to exhaustion. She was correspondingly satisfied this time. "I reached the finish line there for the eighth time. There is only one woman in germany who has done this so many times."

The CSU party leadership is not holding any jubilee honors this year because of the corona pandemic. Prominent "victims this situation, the federal minister of economics a. D. Michael glos and his wife ilse glos, both loyal to the party for half a century.

It was not the big bang at the meeting of the lonnerstadt town council. The news of giovanni daniele’s resignation from the CSU had already made the rounds over the weekend. Mayor regina bruckmann () wanted to have it confirmed in the meeting by daniele himself: the "italian with a german passport", who has lived in lonnerstadt since 2009 and was a candidate for mayor in the 2020 election, answered the mayor’s question about his resignation from the CSU quite simply with "yes".