There was an unusual constellation at the oberbach fair this year. In addition to the nine "normal funfair couples three pure madels-pairings from spab an der freude had also found together.

Already in october the "weiwer-striech" had in order to have enough time for the preparations. On the friday before the church consecration dance, fir fronds were fetched and the wreaths for the tree, which was erected on saturday morning, were tied.

Experimental and suitable for everyday use

Eva barthel tidies louisa’s outfit to perfection. The first run on the "catwalk" is about to begin. Behind the stage, the students of the university of hof/ campus textile design wrap themselves in strange garments: plaster bandages, paper cuttings, crepe ribbons, rags and hoses are draped around their bodies. The women look like aliens and that is part of the program. Before the models walk down the catwalk in the old parcel hall in beautiful and wearable collections, they first show quite unusual objects.
Martina ziegenthaler, professor at the university of hof/campus munchberg, tells what the strange skins are all about. "The task was to design body shells that have as much volume and as little weight as possible". Some designs were very successful, others less so, and some had fulfilled the task 100 percent, according to ziegenthaler. These drafts are certainly not intended for the penal system, says ziegenthaler. "It is an experimental play with materials. We wanted to show what happens when you leave out all the requirements for clothing." fashion and textiles are inseparable, but fashion is only a small part of the textile design course, says ziegenthaler.
The students prepare for the performance. "I’m already a little excited, says louise regel. They can be, after all, young women don’t walk the runway as models every day. By the way: while the catwalk snaked through the parcel hall at the first fashion show two years ago, it is much smaller this time around. The "catwalk is set up in the back of the hall, dark curtains cover the room and spotlights shine from the ceiling. It’s heib. Nevertheless, the visitors sit and stand close together.

Among the performers are members of the pocket opera from nurnberg. Franz killer, the musical director, is thrilled by the response. "We didn’t expect this level of interest, especially in this weather", he is pleased.
The show starts with the performance, the women and one man walk down the catwalk in futuristic creations, accompanied by idiosyncratic music: gertrud demmler-schwab, a singer from the pocket opera, performs cathy berberian’s "stripsody". The experiment succeeds, the audience applauds.
In the second part, the students will present beautiful, wearable collections. The up-and-coming designers have been inspired by the colors of the autumn of the fall or have relied on environmentally sustainable materials.
The fashion is casual, elegant, stylish or in business look. "Cast off" heibt for example the collection of anne trottmann, which takes up the sailor look. Anna trottmann and larissa mauerer show with their designs fashion for self-confident women. At the end the excitement is gone and there is long and enthusiastic applause for the models and the fashion.

music in the teacher's house: from the castle meeting

Sulzfeld’s mayor, gerhard schenkel, spoke at the youngest castle meeting about the history of construction and the progress made in the design of the mainland, especially the village square.

The project was discussed and presented again and again in working groups and in the municipal council. The proposals had met with broad approval. It is therefore incomprehensible why criticism is now being voiced in some quarters.

The singing club rothenkirchen organizes on friday, 8. November, from 19 o’clock in the inn "hauckensepper" in rothenkirchen for the first time a wirtshaussingen. Chairman stefan reuther and second chairwoman gabriele walther say about their intention for this: "wirtshaussingen is experiencing a real boom at the moment."

In franconia, the "open singers" are delighted for years of growing popularity. The today’s wirtshaussingen is not comparable with the fruherer times. At that time, the singing in the pub began spontaneously, usually at an early hour, when the mood and the alcohol level were at the right point and the singers were together. The singers were almost exclusively manner. What was sung one after the other emerged abruptly – from the serious or sad theme to the funny one. The singing served to increase the social get-together.

If what the customers told us is true, then some places in bamberg and hallstadt must have been much quieter on thursday than on normal days. The family andrea and josef lang about. For usual, they drive from hallstadt through half of bamberg to stock up on groceries at the stechert arena. On thursday they turned right to the west in the north of bamberg. To trosdorf.

Or anette kastner and roland legel from trunstadt. When they go shopping, the trip from their home in trunstadt usually ends at one of the rough markets in the laubanger area. "We can save this time now", says the blond man as he strives towards the exit with his fully packed shopping cart.
Many people seem to have been like him that morning. The new main-regnitz-center in the industriestrabe in trosdorf has obviously made an impact. While an icy wind whipped the rain across the crowded parking lot outside, people crowded into the just-opened retail environment as if it were a weekend at an amusement park. Curious and snapping hunters make the rounds; mother and pensioner are not deterred by the long lines at the toy store . People marvelled, splurged, bought what they could. The old retail location with its long history, which began in 1968 under the name einkaufszentrum beyer, still has many friends.

It shines in new splendor, is a baroque jewel and inspires the citizens of burgen: on the day of the open monument, the renovated town hall was a crowd puller.
The successful renovation was celebrated with an official ceremony and many guests. The kulmbach town band played richard wagner’s festive music outside as an intrade, inside in the stylishly restored meeting hall, lord mayor henry schramm expressed his comprehensive thanks to all those who have helped to preserve a piece of history for further generations. In spite of the serious structural damage, the building has been successfully reconstructed, combining history and modernity, he said.
Immediately after the ceremony, hundreds of visitors flocked to the interior to see for themselves the successful restoration. Former police officer richard schneider, who himself worked there years ago in the service rooms of the guard, calls the town hall a "fantastically renovated building, on which one can only congratulate, bright, friendly and close to the castle". Margitta muller is absolutely thrilled: "everything has turned out super nice, the dark beams harmonize splendidly with the steamed woman, i am proud of this building."
Restorer uwe franke takes guests on a tour of the floors, explaining the color concept from chalky white and blue-gray to the baroque-era "piano nobile of the reconstructed town hall.

The roof structure has become a feast for the eyes, reflecting today’s zeitgeist, he emphasizes.
The whole afternoon was very busy on the market place, where a tent was set up and you can eat and drink at historically favorable prices. The city wants to do something good with the lottery ticket. The proceeds will go to the firefighter florian barnickel from oberdornlach who died in an accident.