A spokesman for the northrop grumman company denied in the weekly newspaper "die zeit" the claim that not all construction plans had been delivered to germany. She also said that berlin’s concerns about collision protection and possible cost increases were incomprehensible.

The opposition continues to put pressure on head of department thomas de maiziere (CDU). The european aviation safety authority eurocontrol demanded uniform standards for the use of unmanned aircraft in the eu.

Julian friemelt is currently the most successful driver in the karting boys’ squad of the AMC kitzingen. The ten-year-old leads the rankings of the lower franconian and also the bavarian championship. His older brother kevin friemelt, meo winter and christian kahl also still have a chance to recommend themselves for higher tasks.

And so, before the home race this sunday in kitzingen, trainer and youth director markus friemelt also states: "this year, i am very satisfied with the performances of all the boys and was very proud to be able to accompany all four of them to further championships."

If a year goes by without fires or interventions on the highway, then it is a good year. Even though the floriansjunger from nenzenheim are well trained for this case and are always ready for it. Nevertheless, the year 2011 passed without any noteworthy incidents, which is why on wednesday evening at the annual general meeting in the "feierwehrsaal" a satisfied balance was drawn up for the past months. And there was also an honor.

Ottmar belz has been a member of the nenzenheim fire department for 25 years. He received a certificate, signed by interior minister joachim herrmann, and a mug from his comrades.

The only item on the agenda of the municipal council meeting in aura was the subsidy application for the natural swimming pool. The municipality intends to convert its swimming pool, which is in need of renovation, into a natural swimming pool in order to absorb additional burdens and ensure the existence of the local swimming pool in the long term. Funds from the EU leader program are to be used for this purpose.
"If they are approved, it will save the community money that can be used for other projects in village renewal", declared mayor thomas hack. But this is not yet the case. As cordula kuhlmann, the leader representative at the office for food, agriculture and forestry in bad neustadt, would like to know, it is not yet a matter of project approval, but rather of the allocation of funds, which will first be discussed by a steering committee. "For this, the assessment of various criteria is still necessary", kuhlmann made it clear, however, that the project has a good chance of being realized due to its regional uniqueness in the saale valley. For aura, it is now a matter of submitting a cost plan and the future operating cost plan in order to reserve the leader funds. If the decision is positive, a construction plan can follow.

430,000 euros for remodeling

Until four o’clock in the morning, the league leader, his players and thousands of supporters on the city’s famous gustavstrabe celebrated the exhilarating finale of the franth unsteigbar tour – after eight very narrowly missed first league promotions since 2001. "For us, this has historic dimensions. So many have said: they don’t want to, they can’t. And now we’ve shown them all," said buskens.

In a disco look, midfielder stephan schrock set the pace for the "really fat party," and the team’s first leap into the top flight of soccer unleashed unimagined euphoria in the tranquil little town of forchheim. "Never again second league!"The cloverleaf fans roared from the strength of their bodies, they shot rockets into the air, they waved bright flares in the haze of the night – naturally in keeping with the club’s motto. "For the city of furth, the promotion is the fulfillment of a century’s dream," mused mayor thomas jung, himself in the midst of all the fans and players at the party early tuesday morning.

The boules players of the former soldiers of the armed forces association end the playing season 2019. Once again the iron balls were unpacked for the final competition.

From march to october, players met twice a month in the boule arena at the musicians’ home. The best players of the year were honored during a social evening at the delphi and awarded by the team leader of the boules players, peter hrach. The l. Otmar zimmer took first place in the team game and won the challenge cup. The second place went to peter hrach. In the women’s team match the first place went to peter hrach. Place to ursula dogner. The 2. Teresia zimmer took first place. In the long throw, the 1. Place to peter hrach, the 2. Hermann lell takes first place.