Zimbabwe's ex-president robert mugabe dies

The death of zimbabwe’s former long-term president robert mugabe marked the end of an era in the impoverished sudafrican country. At the age of 95, the politician, who remained controversial to the end, died on friday in singapore.

His successor, president emmerson mnangagwa, wrote on twitter that mugabe was a liberation hero and had dedicated his life to the emancipation of his people. Mugabe’s nephew robert zhuwao also confirmed the news of his death. The long-time ruler had polarized opinion throughout his life, which was also reflected in the reactions to his death.

Rosi gehr humbly thanked her family and her "comrades-in-arms" for their support of the catholic women's association. "You can't do anything on your own, you have to work together to achieve something, and your family has to be behind that, too, explained the woman from herzogenaurach, who had just received the bavarian minister-president's badge of honor for services rendered by women and men engaged in voluntary work from the hands of district administrator eberhard irlinger (SPD). "Take it as a sign of appreciation that today not only your husband walter and your son klaus, but also women of your club and members of the city council have come", said mayor german hacker (SPD).
Rosi gehr has been a member of the catholic german women's association since 1974 and was its chairwoman from 1997 to 2009. Her special commitment was and still is to the cafe run by the women's association at the herzogenaurach old town festival, which sells coffee, cakes and pies. The coffee hours in the parish garden during the old town festival are becoming more and more popular every year. "In the meantime, the coffee circle has become a popular international meeting place, not least because of the guests from the partner cities, and it is impossible to imagine life without it, the mayor praised the commitment of rosi gehr and the members of the women's association.
But the women's association is also active at the christmas market, where home-made goods are sold. The proceeds of these and other activities have always benefited people in need – for example, a baby hospital in bethlehem or aid organizations from bosnia and algeria. Rosi gehr attaches great importance to the fact that no distinction is made in the distribution between denomination or nationality.
Rost gehr lieb also revives a tradition for mary himmelfahrt. In the catholic areas it was customary to make bunches of various flowers and herbs and to have them consecrated during a church service. For more than 20 years rosi gehr and the women of the association have been cultivating this old tradition again and collecting flowers and herbs in god's great outdoors. After the consecration, these bunches of herbs will be sold to those attending the service. "Since then, the 15. August in herzogenaurach has taken on a new meaning and is not just a holiday", third mayor and district curator of local history manfred welker () explained during the ceremony.

A rough motivator
In his laudation, irlinger particularly emphasized rosi gehr's christian and social commitment, which already began in the honoree's youth. With around 200 members, the catholic women's association in herzogenaurach plays a significant role. For rosi gehr, it was and still is important to raise money through volunteer activities that benefit local needs as well as many projects around the world. Her ability to recruit and motivate additional helpers proved to be particularly helpful for this project.
In addition to social activities, the social part of the club's life was not neglected. During her time as chairwoman, she organized a large number of lectures on topics ranging from health to genetic engineering and local politics.

tie: low-fat diet just as good as low-carb diet

Low-fat, low-carb, pineapple, stone age and mediterranean diet or simply fdh – eat the halfte. Who would like to lose weight, already has the agony of choice in the selection of the diet.

What doesn’t make it any easier: some recent studies indicate that the decision should take into account not only personal preferences, but possibly also the personal genetic profile. According to the study, genetically determined stofechsel characteristics influence how well a person responds to a particular diet. In the worst case, all the efforts were in vain, if the selected diet does not fit the personal profile.

Several dead in attack on ministry in kabul

An attack by gunmen on the afghan ministry of telecommunications in the capital kabul ended in several casualties after hours of gunfire.

All four attackers, as well as four civilians and three security forces, were killed, the interior ministry said. The gunmen had stormed the ministry after an explosion and had entered the postal center located there. At least 2800 employees have been brought out of the building to safety. Initially, no one claimed responsibility for the attack. Further details about the incident were not known at first.

Thousands of brits forced into two-week quarantine after summer vacation in spain. British transport minister grant shapps is also directly affected: the minister is in spain with his family, his spokesman confirmed to the german press agency.

Between economy and morality

Eckhard nagel, long-serving chief physician and director of the institute for medical management and health sciences at the university of bayreuth, was a guest at the s-forum of the erlangen hochstadt herzogenaurach city and district savings bank. He has been a member of the supervisory board of charite universitatsmedizin berlin since 2015. Since 2001, he has been a member of the presidium of the german protestant church congress and in this function was church congress president in hanover in 2005 and protestant president of the ecumenical church congress in munich in 2010.