“A cemetery without water, you don’t do that”

It”s about watering the cemetery. The spring that feeds the tapping point has been dry for some time now. At the request of the church community, the fire department then took care that water was available again. Now is since a good week again stop, if at all the tap still drips. What is going on?

Fire department must ask the city

"The water is the property of the city of hochstadt, therefore we must ask there before we take something", explains the fire department commander from centbechhofen. Last time, the firefighters checked the hydrants in the area. Instead of letting the water run away during reeling, it was collected and fed to the cemetery watering system. "That makes work of course. But we haven’t heard anything yet about not being allowed to do that anymore." he personally, on the other hand, did not even know that the water was already empty again. "No one has ever called the fire department. Then we can not act."

Rumors are just rumors

This is confirmed by christof himpel, head of the responsible office in the city administration. "There is no truth in these rumors. The fire department has contacted us. Of course, it may continue to fill up."

The first time the water stopped coming, the church administration asked the fire department if it could help out. The commander, in turn, has turned to the city. It is, after all, about water from the public network. "But this is perfectly in order. The fire department combines this with exercises, spools the local network, checks hydrants", so himpel.

Only one well is still gushing

The fact that the spring is currently dry and the easter fountain in centbechhofen has also dried up is naturally related to the general extreme drought. Only the well in the center of the village is still flowing. To relieve the fire department and "public water" in order to save water, the parish priest has recently asked the community to use this source as well, so that the cemetery does not have to be constantly refilled.

But if it’s necessary, the fire department can do it, emphasizes himpel: "A cemetery without water, that’s not possible, you don’t do that."

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